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EPE Merchandise Research

March 27, 2008 | Other
EPE has a short survey on-line to find out your thoughts about Elvis-related licensed merchandise.

The questions are:
My age range is ...
My gender is ...
My Elvis-related merchandise purchases in the last year have included ...
I buy Elvis-related merchandise at ...
My favorite Elvis era is ...
What have been your three favorite (non-music and non-movie) products from the past few years?
The Elvis items I wish I had but can't find are ...

When you fill out this short survey you will be entered in a random drawing for an assortment of Elvis merchandise valued at $500. You can access the survey through the news section on the Official Elvis Presley site.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises

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Jerome wrote on March 27, 2008
optional question: my willingness to pay for sh*t expressed in dollars is..
Ann wrote on March 27, 2008
There is sadly no similar question but this is an opportunity to write your opinion (as politely as possible ) about the tat and inappropriate rusbbish they do stock. Lots of space to type in your feelings; use the opportunity; we seldom get asked!!
Ruthie wrote on March 28, 2008
Ann is so right. Here is our opportunity to express how we feel about the tacky products they are trying to shove at us. And we should make suggestions but tactfully, of course, so we don't appear as trashy about our complaints.
Dixieland Rock wrote on March 28, 2008
I agree with you Ruthie & well said. But for me, the best response to the tacky products they endorse is to keep my wallet CLOSED to it ALL. If more people would do this, the quicker they'd GET THE MESSAGE. Some products they endorse is pretty cool. No problem there. But the tacky junk they endorse makes me question, why do they not want Elvis in Concert 1977 officially released but yet will endorse products that makes Elvis look silly aka the Elvis ducks & so forth. I guess that the image over the human being is what counts. I prefer the man & the music.
Theo wrote on March 28, 2008
I agree with the previous three writers. I filled in the survey yesterday. Hope lost of fans will do the same, so we can let EPE know what we want: no more tacky stuff! I forgot to answer 'Elvis In Concert' to the question "The Elvis items I wish I had but can't find". Did mention Elvis On Tour though, even though EPE don't own to the rights to the EOT film or music. Wrote that I buy cd's, dvd's and books only and when asked for my favorite non-music, non-movie Elvis stuff I could only think of 3 Elvis books I recently bought.
elvis4life wrote on March 28, 2008
In my opinion, I have a scared feeling this "survey" will be like pro wrestling. Meaning that it'll be fixed or scripted in a way that will not really benefits the fans in any manner.
Paul Reno wrote on April 01, 2008
They would make a lot of money from releasing his last TV special, Elvis In Concert. We've had clips from it already, so the attitude of, "Lets keep Elvis 1977 under wraps" ain't gonna work. The worst officially released video was "Love Me" from Omaha on "This Is Elvis", it was technically bad and Elvis's performance was poor. "Unchained Melody, Hurt, Trying to Get to You, My Way, How Great Thou Art"... I could go on. They are just some performances which immediately spring to mind. Invite a fan to edit the shows and release that! I'd do it free... and I've had experience of video editing. The fans have been crying out for a DVD quality edit of the shows.
Kenneth wrote on April 01, 2008
I filled out the form but they won't like it, hit them hard on the money thing, as for E ON TOUR i just finished reading the fine print on my vhs copy and i still think there is some legal problem here, it's not like epe to not to wan't to lose any money. release on tour on dvd and most everybody on this site would buy it and they know that. something is stopping them, that's my opinion on this matter.