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White Gospel

March 21, 2008 | Other
Tonight BBC4 feature a documentary looking at White Gospel as the influencing factor on Country Music in the USA. The show cannot fail to overlook Elvis, who grew up with a great love for gospel music and out of the fourteen Grammy nominations Elvis received, his three wins were for gospel recordings.

Programme details from the BBC:

The story of America's most enduring and obscure musical sub-culture, from the sound of ancient harmonies sung in remote country churches through to the modern fiery anthems of the religious right.

Elvis Presley's favourite musical genre, White Gospel is the foundation of Country music. It taught generations of southerners the principles of harmony, and produced its own legends and stars, such as The Louvin Brothers, Dottie Rambo and The Blackwood Brothers.

White Gospel is shown on BBC4 tonight, March 21, from 9pm – 10pm
Tiger-man-GB wrote on March 23, 2008
Um, sorry about this, but if you 'Over look' something it means to miss it out & if you say, as you do, that they 'Cannot fail to over look Elvis' then that mean you think he's going to be left out. Maybe you should have used the word 'Include' instead.
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 23, 2008
I enjoyed this programme, but wasn't Dottie Rambo a bit scary! She looks as though she's had more work done to her face than the Dancing Botox Queen.