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The King "On" Travolta

March 22, 2008 | Music
Two new double budget releases just came out. One entitled "Heartbreak Hotel" and one simply entitled "The King". The cover art of the latter is pretty unusual for an Elvis CD. But it is most probably taken from a wallpaper created by a fan who used John Travolta's body from a movieposter.
Source:Elvis Corner
Jerome wrote on March 22, 2008
I have a picture left of Donald Duck, how would Elvis' head look on it?..
Elvisnites wrote on March 22, 2008
Yes Jerome, it has sunken this low.
Steve V wrote on March 22, 2008
The end is near for any CD releases with merit.
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 23, 2008
Words fail me.
whetherman wrote on March 23, 2008
It looks more like the Sharron Stone pose to me, but with trousers on.
Dan wrote on March 23, 2008
I think he looks cool!
Dixieland Rock wrote on March 28, 2008
I guess it's better seeing Elvis face pasted on Barbarino's body instead of Arnold Horshack's body, even worse, Mr. Woodman's body.