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George Klein Owns More Unreleased Material

March 22, 2008 | Other
In an interview with Scott Jenkins George Klein answers the question "So do you have any other hidden treasures that we don't know about?" with "I've got a press conference that I recorded myself ... I've got a tape of unsweetened stuff with about ten of the American Sound songs from '69."

As for the release of this - and the three duets from Felton Jarvis - he says "I'm getting to that age where it needs to be out there."
Source:Elvis Australia
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on March 22, 2008
Good old Georgie he's at that age, he's just like a Jack in the Box wind him up enough and he Pops out hold something new he's wants to sell, George is the King of the Hangers On, however he is not a Judas but for a few trinkets of silver he'll sell his material.
Steve V wrote on March 22, 2008
For some reason this doesnt interest me at all. Curious to hear once maybe but thats about it.
Martin DJ wrote on March 22, 2008
In the interview he claims he got the duet tapes from Felton Jarvis' widow and seems surprised BMG isn't interested in buying them from him. Well, as the recordings were made at a session for RCA the tapes are rightfully theirs, so why should they pay to get them back?
dannyboy1 wrote on March 23, 2008
These are really only curiosities, unless the songs from '69 are ones we haven't heard as basic studio mixes before. The only thing of real interest here could be the "press conference", especially if it were the one from the '68 Special or the Vegas comeback.
Ciscoking wrote on March 24, 2008
These 10 songs from American Sound remind me of the rough mix masters we had on American Rejects. For sure George doesn`t know what is going on on the import market....
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 24, 2008
It might help if he was a little more specific about the press conference he says he taped. Maybe this is something else we've had already from another source.
Steve V wrote on March 24, 2008
If George was at the 68 TV show press conference or the 69 Vegas press confernce that would be great. Wonder why no tapes of those ever surfaced?
JerryNodak wrote on March 25, 2008
George Klein, bloodsucker. To Hades with George Klein.
sivle3 wrote on April 04, 2008
It sounds to me that my impression of Mr. Klein has been right all along. That he was a casual once every month or two friend of the king and done everything he could to get Elvis to buy him a lot of stuff turned on a tape recorder here and there. Soon as Elvis died he figured he would write 500 pages about 10, 5 minute conversations put it in a book and it worked he has survived on Elvis for 30 yrs after his death. He always brings up being bestman at the kings wedding he just leaves the part out that there were two best men that Elvis never picked. to cause strife in the circle of friends the colonel picked every one by hand for the wedding down to the reception guest, purposely leaving out certain people. so he rode on tour with Elvis some, don't get me wrong I would have loved to have been there myself, however this hardly makes him one of the kings best friends. I don't know who is more full of it George klein or larry geller.