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Elvis Planted Seeds Of Faith

March 17, 2008 | Book
Over 170 people attended the First Roman Catholic Elvis Church Service in Holland. Imperials-member Joe Moscheo praised Elvis for what he did for God and his Belief. “Not a show went by without at least one spiritual song: ‘How Great Thou Art’, but also ‘Trilogy’, ‘The Impossible Dream’, ‘You Gave Me A Mountain’… Elvis introduced God to thousands, perhaps millions of people all over the world. His music still offers help to those who are searching. That way, Elvis planted seeds of Faith. So, it wasn’t only his remarkable voice who made him the world’s best Gospel singer– but the way he introduced countless others to God.”

Lefty wrote on March 17, 2008
Its refreshing to hear a nice comment about Elvis, and a true one at that! Elvis' love of the Lord and his expression of Gospel music just wasn't one of the "early day" things that was lost after the Aloha special. It was resonant and powerful right through to the end. Thanks to Joe Moscheo and the gang! I bet the fans in Holland had a great time.
Lex wrote on March 17, 2008
I still think Elvis was a great singer... even religion can't destroy that.
Mofoca22 wrote on March 17, 2008
to me his best music ever was his gospal stuff. wish he did more with it. had he done that i honestly believe he'd still be with us. he shouldve told tom parker to stay out of the artistic side like he was supposed to and done what he wanted. i dont think rca back then wouldve argued hell he won 3 grammy's for his gospal music something he couldnt do with his rock stuff
circleG wrote on March 17, 2008
Joe is absolutely right, for me when I became a christian elvis' records was all I had ! Good times, thanks E !
Natha wrote on March 18, 2008
Unlike Mofoca22 I am happy that he did not. I am more for Lex. His gospel songs are soothing to my ear, not because of the content (I don't believe in god) but of his voice. He did not receive grammys for his real achievements cause in the 50s they were scared of his greatness and later on that did not change, but had to concede to the vast majority in order to keep their credibility. Awards as such mean nothing. ELVIS is in the hearts and minds of millions of people.
Viva wrote on March 18, 2008
Absolutley right too. I am by no means a religious person but I have to say that I do love listening to Elvis sing gospel. I think it must be because it was what HE firmly believed in and as such gave those performances that extra edge. The way Elvis recorded gospel meant that it maintained it's traditional roots and meaning, but at the same time he also made the songs acceptable outside of religious circles, simply because they were brilliant songs and performances in their own right. It has to be the case that when he did this he prompted untold numbers of people to adopt a more religious outlook, or at the very least encouraged people to live a better life and re-examine what they believe in. Yet another reason he is the undisputed King.
Steve V wrote on March 18, 2008
The gospel songs are great but the classic rock songs are the staples of what pop culture became because of them. They will never be surpassed. I actually wish there were more of them instead of the endless ballads we got in the 70's.
Colin B wrote on March 18, 2008
Sick bag - quick ! Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaacccchhhh !! Too late !
Lefty wrote on March 19, 2008
I find it a curiosity that everytime Elvis and spirituality is mentioned, someone posts that they do not believe in God. I wonder if athesists see the spiritual side of Elvis as another one of his weaknesses? Or maybe if they view him as some dumb trailer hick that wasn't bright enough to believe in the big bang theory? Spirituality and faith are not to be feared. Both were so much a part of Elvis that its impossible to separate them from him. Even the Vegas crowd cheered and applauded when he sang How Great Thou Art, and Elvis never gave thought to singing gospel music on stage in sin city. It was as natural to him as breathing.