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Elvis Due To Share Another Record

March 18, 2008 | Music
Mariah Carey's new single "Touch My Body", from her new album "E=MC2" it stands a chance of being her 18th US number one single, which ties her with Elvis Presley. Although Elvis holds the record in the UK, with an impressive 21 number one singles, the Beatles have the lead in the USA with 20. Mariah Carey will reach the landmark next weekend (March 23, 2008) if her latest track reaches the top spot.
Viva wrote on March 18, 2008
That squealing, pretentious midget is not fit to be uttered in the same breath as The King. Rest assured that the powers that be will rally around Elvis and fight this threat to his chart supremecy with an exciting new range of bottle openers.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on March 18, 2008
dollar for dollar it was harder in the 50's and 60's to get to number 1, to this very Day I still cant believe that Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino was never Number 1. But i would think, Elvis must hold the record for Charted singles because he had a 22 year run adding mystery train on Rca in late 55, not including SUN releases in 54.
John4126 wrote on March 19, 2008
Records will eventually tumble. It doesn't change anything about Elvis' achievements or standing. Interestingly Ms Carey has only chalked up one UK no 1! Anyway, shes not equalled the record yet!
Sean Ryan wrote on March 19, 2008
Lets remember that the US Singles chart now ackowledges 'Airplay' and not 'Sales' in todays chart history and lets also remember that Elvis has had 3 No.1 singles in the 'Sales' chart since 2002 so really Elvis' No.1 total should be 21 regardless if 'Sales' figures for singles are much lower than they have ever been.This is not taking anything away from Mariah's achievements buts it wrong for Elvis to lose his record or have his record tied, in this way.
genedin wrote on March 19, 2008
statistics are one thing ,sucess is another. if elvis were alive today or the internet around when he was alive his records would be unstoppable. remember elvis did everything with only tv and radio.lets see where she is 20 years from now or if her looks were gone.
Steve V wrote on March 20, 2008
Chart success is so much different today, its like comparing apples & grapes, so this news means nothing to me. But a statement like lets see if her looks are gone in 20 years makes me laugh and once again shows Elvis fans to be an unsophisticated lot. In 20 years she will be about 58 years old and prob still alive and singing. Elvis was gone at 42 and looked awful at the end. What the heck is your point?
Devon wrote on March 24, 2008
Try as they might they will never i say never beat the King!!!