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Sneak Peek At Heinz Ketchup New Elvis Commercial

March 14, 2008 | Other

Heinz ketchup has just filmed a new commercial starring New York's own Elvis, Gene Dinapoli. This commercial will air in the United States very soon. But you have the first look at the commercial before it airs.

Source:Elvis Unlimited
Palle wrote on March 14, 2008
Heinz just lost a customer forever
mak1965 wrote on March 14, 2008
YAY Another derogatory Elvis image! Stuff like this is what is wrong with the world. That was stoopid!!!
JimmyCool wrote on March 14, 2008
Where's Elvis? There's just a fat man wearing a jumpsuit.
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 14, 2008
Did they pay Tubby's fee in burgers? Thankyou. Thankyouverymuch.
Elvisnites wrote on March 14, 2008
I agree Palle. They won't see another penny of mine.
efan4ever wrote on March 15, 2008
That was dumb. Retarded and everything else.
Ronald wrote on March 15, 2008
Kenneth wrote on March 15, 2008
These ELVIS impersonators or whatever they are make me too sick to wan't anything with ketchup on it. HEINZ products will never enter my home again.
Steve V wrote on March 15, 2008
Exactly why the 70's is not my favorite Elvis period. The image of a fat guy in a jumpsuit is basically what sticks in peoples minds. He should have retired after Aloha.
JerryNodak wrote on March 15, 2008
Personally, I prefer Del Monte over Heinz. Now if you'll excuse me I have more important things to worry about.
Natha wrote on March 16, 2008
Like the impersonator is pretending (with bad taste) something he is not. Heinz obviously likes to associate itself with that. I don't know what Heinz is imporsonating, but it tells a lot about the quality of their product. Bad taste, so no more Heinz for me.
Presleygirl wrote on March 16, 2008
Always bought Hunt's ketchup in the past, will continue to do so. Elvis is so much more than they can ever portray in a tasteless commercial such as this!
genedin wrote on March 17, 2008
hello all. i too am a huge elvis fan which is why i need to apoligize for the commercial i did. i never thought of myself as fat or a tubby just stocky but what i did was out of love and respect. i adore elvis and dont want anything to tanish his accomplishments as i believe i did by doing thisand the remarks im reading.elvis too got chubby but of course hes elvis it doesnt matter. i do a highly acdcepted tribute in my area and hope people see it for what it is, a tribute by a big fan. once again elvis fans ,accept my apology,sincerly gene dinapoli
Greg Nolan wrote on March 17, 2008
If that is you, Sir, everyone always says it's a "tribute." It's a bad taste and does his memory no favors. Steve V: again you simplistically beat that tired schtick about Elvis after "Aloha." Please don't insult his memory or his fans by confusing FAKE versions (Impersonators) with the real thing. Get a look at Elvis in '75 and '75 and you'll see he often looked as good as ALOHA and sang as well and even at his worst never looked as bad as the impersonators have made a generation of people remember him. Did EPE license this? Way to go again, EPE.
Pedro Nuno wrote on March 17, 2008
I must have missed something here. To be very honest I don’t see why you all say the Elvis image was soooo badly treated! It’s just a commercial, Elvis it’s a world Icon, and it's not Elvis that is in the Commercial...
Kenneth wrote on March 18, 2008
Your right PEDRO you missed something alright, did you ever.
jamiecoyne wrote on March 18, 2008
Dear fans, First of all let me say I know exactly where you are coming from when you frown on this sort of thing. We've been involved with producing Elvis Extravaganza Tribute Events for 20 years. We respect how "true" "original" fans feel about impersonators. There is only one Elvis. We also continually see that there are thousands upon thousands of fans who do enjoy impersonators. That is why they are so popular. I do want to say this. Anyone who knows Gene DiNapoli knows that his heart is in the right place. Gene is a huge Elvis fan. And anyone who has ever come across him will tell you that he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. I hope you can see that from his heartfelt apology to anyone who may have not felt the commercial or his impersonation was in good taste. Let's be honest - the commercial was silly - however don't knock Gene for making a living. EPE has done their share of silly things with Elvis' image (including getting into the impersonator contest business) - not to mention licensing their mark on everything from Duck Bills or whatever that was to you name it. EPE doesn't need to approve things like this - or the Viagra commercial using Viva Las Vegas in the ads for that matter...Lisa Marie Presley even commented how repulsed she was by the use of "his" song in the Viagra ads...saying "We didn't license that one." That's because they don't own the music and Elvis' version wasn't used. I'm sure the songwriters are happy. That's how business works. EPE doesn't control things like this. Personally I think the Viagra ads convey a fun, carefree atmosphere (although I thought Viagra was originally intended for elderly people who have a medical problem - not for middle aged horn-dogs to spice up their sex life.) But that's another story. Back to Gene...He doesn't owe anyone an apology - and I think we can refrain from commenting on his girth - you may recall Elvis getting dragged thru the mud - because he liked food too. (Now Lisa is even getting it.) Although I think suing the tabloids is ridiculous. Why? Because she had to tell everyone she was not fat, but pregnant? Her and THOUSANDS of other people. And we would have found out eventually. Lisa is tiny - and a few pounds on her goes along way. Gene works hard to keep his weight under control. He's been off for several months with an ailment and may have put on a few pounds - it's not that big of a deal. In closing if I have one thing to comment on the commercial about it is this...and take it from someone who has built The World's Longest Hot Dog...you NEVER put ketchup on a hot dog. Gene is from New York - he knows better!! FYI: Gene was also in the Forbes pictorial in 2005 that also featured Robert Sillerman regarding the buyout of EPE by CKX. Keep on...
Mofoca22 wrote on March 19, 2008
its just a freaken commercial people give it a break. people know thats not the real elvis. sure the commercial is dumb and tasteless on all parts all people involved had fun doing it. if it wasnt fun people would cease to do them. as far as the elvis of the 70's who ever mocks it its because its all looks oriented. to me elvis wa sbette rin the 70's his music actually meant something unlike his 50's songs like hound dog or his lame movie songs from the 60's or the movies in general. i say its more embarassing by having most of elvis's 60's movies on tv non stop it makes him look rediculous and not serious as a performer. give me the 70's elvis anyday when he was singing songs that he felt from the heart