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Sergeant Elvis Presley In Grafenwöhr

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, March 12, 2008 | Book

Hurray, another “Private Elvis In Germany” is not exactly what I thought after I heard about the release of this book.


The book has a nice layout and print. Since it is bilingual the text is printed column wise, German and English brotherly next to each other, the first in black and the second in green. I had some problems with the green English text in artificial light, but that must be my age (or the quality of my glasses). 


As said in the intro, I was not really waiting for yet another book on Elvis’ time in Germany. Since the publisher Buch und Kunstverlag sent a review copy of this book by Peter Heigl, the least I could do was to give it a try.
It turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The book does not only contain the well known Elvis story – even the maneuvers in Grafenwöhr got the attention in other books. It is clear that the author is a professional historian, since there is quite some background information on the place itself, next to a good drawing of the cold war situation that the world was in during Elvis’ service.
I did not find any real spectacular pictures of our man, but there are some nice historical additions which make the book “feels complete”.


Without getting boring Peter Heigl sketches an active part of Elvis’ military career.  
stanton wrote on March 13, 2008
I own the book since august last year; I have a copy that is signed by the author himself; received it in Friedberg last year, because I had invited him to introduce his book at our expo in Ray Barracks. I am proud of it; it don´t have a fancy exterieur, but it contains lots of information I have seen and found few months earlier when I was walking of Elvis`traces in Grafenwoehr, looking around and searching for his spirit there....and I found it. And a lot of superextranice people who live there and always have and who are proud that Elvis has been in their small town at least for a bit of time; a lot different to the people in Bad Nauheim and Friedberg where it still is a disgrace to be an Elvis Fan at some parts....for instance the saying: "He /She outed himself and admitted to be an Elvis Fan"-words of some outstanding men in the known "Elvis City of Europe.....
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on March 17, 2008
You will never find Elvis' Spirit in Graf, that was and still one cold rotten place and i would never want to be there again, military vehicles with no heaters, no defrosters, jeeps with open tops and armored vehicles like iceboxes within. if his spirit is there it must have made a wrong turn at the check border.