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Celebration 40 Years 68 Special

March 15, 2008 | Video
The celebration of ’40 years 68 Special’ started Friday evening in Hollywood. The 25th Paley Fetival opened in the classic Cinerama movie theatre on Sunset Boulevard with a screening of the Special on large screen. The Paley Festival is named after William Paley, who started the CBS network and is a two week festival for the top in the American TV industry. Special guests during the evening were Priscilla Presley, Steve Binder (producer/director) and Bones Howe (producer).
Priscilla welcomed the public and took place in the audience to view the special. They chose the uncutted version with extra sequences of the improvisation and stand up scenes. After the screening, there was a Q&A between the audience and the guests. A spectator asked about the interaction between Elvis and his stage-hand. Steve Binder told that he was pointing to Lance LeGault. At that moment, people were reaction and without the organisation knowing, Elvis’ stunt double in several movies was in the audience.

We also noticed author Ken Sharp (FTDs Writing For The King) who had the privilege to give his book to Lisa-Marie right before the show. Lisa Marie Presley did not come out to the public. Lots of paparazzi were waiting outside and the bad experience from the last weeks did her decide to hide herself.

A new expo about the "Comeback Special" will open soon at Graceland!

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circleG wrote on March 15, 2008
man I wish I was there to hear this stuff. hopefully it's been recorded and will be included on a release - hopefully the VHS version of the special on DVD ?