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Todd Morgan Died

March 02, 2008 | People

Todd Morgan, who for years has been Graceland's "public face," was found dead in his apartment. Todd Morgan has been at Graceland since it was opened to the public in 1982. He started as a tour guide.

It had not been announced publicly yet, but Todd had just been promoted to a new position and was to report directly to Gary Hovey in Los Angeles, though he would remain in Memphis. He was due to go out to dinner last night with friends to celebrate his promotion, but did not show. Reports are he must have died in his sleep last night.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Todd’s family and friends. Rest in Piece, Todd.

Update, statements from EPE and Lisa Marie Presley:

"We at Graceland have suffered the loss of one of our most beloved family members. Todd Morgan passed away on Saturday at the age of 45 from what was believed to be a massive heart attack, he was found by friends at his East Memphis home Sunday morning after he didn’t show up for a pre-planned gathering."

"Todd made a career out of Graceland, starting out as a tour guide in May of 1983 following his graduation from the University of Mississippi. In his 25 years as a faithful and loyal Elvis Presley Enterprises employee, Todd played a major part in the development of Graceland as an attraction and in the many projects produced by EPE that have allowed fans all over the world to celebrate the life and legacy of Elvis Presley."

"We are truly saddened by this devastating loss and will miss him dearly. Details of services have yet to be determined but we will post them as soon as we are made aware by his family.

Statement from Lisa Marie Presley:

"Todd's sudden and untimely death is a huge shock and a great loss for us personally and for EPE. He has been an incredible gift and Gem in all of the 25 years that he worked at Graceland. He was so unbelievably devoted to us, to my Father and to his job. His heart, soul and his dedication could never be replaced. This is just nothing but sad and awful for everyone, our prayers and hearts are with him and his family. He will be deeply missed."

LMP and family.

Statement from Priscilla Presley:

"I am still in shock and disbelieve in the untimely death of Todd Morgan. This is a great loss for all of us who knew and loved him. He was one of Graceland’s original employees starting as a young, bright and enthusiastic kid who always knew how to bring a smile or a laugh to any situation good, bad or indifferent. My heart goes out to all of you who worked with him on a daily basis and to his family who should know how much he was loved by all of us. He will be missed and irreplaceable."

Priscilla Presley

Update from Commercial Appeal (Memphis Newspaper):

Todd Morgan, the public face of Graceland for more than a decade, was found dead in his East Memphis home Sunday morning.

Early indications, friends said, point to a massive heart attack, although an autopsy is planned. Morgan, director of special projects for Elvis Presley Enterprises, was 45.

"We've lost a great friend and a great part of the Graceland family," said Jack Soden, chief executive officer of Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Friends became concerned when Morgan failed to show for dinner Saturday night. They called, but got no answer.

When Morgan's friends couldn't reach him Sunday morning, they went to his home and saw him on the floor through a window.

Firefighters forced entry into the house on Chickasaw and found Morgan collapsed in his bedroom. It appeared he'd died sometime early Saturday afternoon, Graceland public relations director Kevin Kern said.

"This comes as a great shock," said Kern, who was hired by Morgan. "To lose somebody at 45, it's hard to believe."

Morgan began working at Graceland in 1983 as a tour guide, driving to the Whitehaven mansion while still a student at Ole Miss, Kern said.

He became familiar to fans and media from around the world as the Graceland spokesman, particularly during Elvis Week, before moving on to new roles.

One of those roles, Kern said, was as a producer of Elvis projects. Morgan helped spearhead the "Elvis: Live" concerts which debuted in the early 1990s with Elvis appearing on stage via concert footage meshed with live performances by his former band members, backup singers and others.

"That was his concept. He brought it to life, and the first concert sold out Radio City Music Hall," Kern said.

Morgan, who grew close to Priscilla Presley, had planned to go to Los Angeles to attend a taping of her upcoming appearance on "Dancing with the Stars.

Although friends said Morgan wasn't a devoted Elvis fan before coming to Graceland, that quickly changed once he began working there.

"I worked with Todd for three and a half years, and he had a devotion to preserving the legacy of Elvis. He could well be Elvis' No. 1 fan," Kern said. "The Elvis world has suffered a great loss. He's an expert, and he helped shape the legacy."

Added Soden: "He knew how to be a very professional, strategic and very smart steward of the legacy."

Friends began gathering at Morgan's home Sunday afternoon.

"He's the nicest person I've ever met," David Burton said. "He took a lot of interest in (his friends's) lives."

Friends said they were unaware of any health problems Morgan might have had.

Morgan was single with no children. His family began arriving in Memphis Sunday afternoon from Clarendon, Ark. Funeral arrangements were still pending.

Source:Bill Burk
elvissessions wrote on March 02, 2008
R.I.P., we've lost a good and true fellow fan.
SendToTodd wrote on March 02, 2008
Todd was the link between the EPE Executive and the Fan. He was their public face, and an incredible speaker. I have had countless dealings with him, and he was always friendly, polite, and charming. He cut through the red-tape to allow British TV the access they requested of me during anniversary periods, and at this time, he had just enabled me to get the materials we need for a Graceland promotion next year. Jack Soden and Todd were, when on stage together, something of a "double-act". I just cannot believe that he won't be there to meet and greet the media, the fans, celebs, and Vicky and I when we next go to Graceland. How aweful. I'm stunned, sad, grieving, and, Todd mate, "it wouldn't be the same without you", and now it wont! When we used to communicate by email, we would head our messages "From The Other Todd". Sleep well dear friend, Todd Slaughter
gary 1 wrote on March 02, 2008
This is terrible news.Todds passing is going to leave a huge void in EPE that i think they'll never be able to fill.He was always there for the fans.
EspenK wrote on March 02, 2008
Wow - shocking! But he wasn't old? In his 50s or so, I'd guess? And looked to be in good shape last time I saw him, last august? What happened?
Cory Cooper wrote on March 03, 2008
I am very sad and shocked to hear the news that Mr. Todd Morgan has passed away. He was always sincere, professional, approachable and always got back to you. His knowledge, expertise and gracious manner will be missed and cannot be replaced by EPE. Thank you Todd for everything that you did for Elvis, the Fans, EPE and for myself. My Best Thoughts and Wishes go out to You, your Family and Friends.
Vegas Sun wrote on March 03, 2008
Very sad news indeed. A great memory I have of him: I was in Memphis one year at the resturaunt and was talking to him, and in a joking manner asked him to leave me 4 VIP tour passes, and he said he would. I told him I was kidding, and he insisted. Sure enough he was true to his word, and for no other reason than he was just a nice guy he did it. I always loved talking to him in person, or email. He understood things from the fans point of view, and really did care. What a great loss to the Elvis world, and the Graceland staff. He really was a nice guy.
PRESYER wrote on March 03, 2008
What a great loss for EPE! This guy was simply a great guy and human being! Rest in peace, Mr Morgan!
Elvisnites wrote on March 03, 2008
He was 45 years old and died of a massive heart attack. Condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.
LindaC56 wrote on March 03, 2008
Todd was a friend to all a really great guy and will be sadly missed. He came to Graceland when he was only about 20 and he was so excited and always loved talking to the fans. Once I was trying to get a ticket to an event and it was sold out and I was talking to Todd he said come to the office and he handed me a ticket I asked what I owed he said don't worry about it.We will all surely miss him.
JimmyCool wrote on March 03, 2008
Although I didn't meet this guy personally, from what I heard (and read here), he was a great human beign. It's sad when people who really cared about Elvis' legacy leave us... R.I.P., Todd Morgan, say hello to Elvis for me ;)
elvisinus wrote on March 03, 2008
Todd was such a great part of Graceland that he will surely be missed, my heart felt thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones as well as to the Graceland family during this time of loss and sarrow. I know that Todd dedicated his life to Graceland for all the years he worked there and his loyalty to Graceland, Elvis' name and reputation as well as to the fans and guests to Graceland was second to none. His name and all he did during his years at Graceland will forever be remembered by us all. I know you have gone to a better place and you are in good company. Sincerely, Jenny
James69 wrote on March 03, 2008
I am in total shock. Only 45, and he seemed in good shape, maybe he was a heavy smoker??? In all my dealings with Todd, he was really nice, generous, and a true Elvis fan. EPE has lost its greatest asset. R.I.P Todd.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 03, 2008
I am in shock, over this also !!! He did so many great things for EPE. I have a feeling he passed from unnatural causes.. Maybe a accidental combination of things. He will be so missed !!!
Sirbalkan wrote on March 03, 2008
I am in shock too. Although I didn't meet him, I feel shocked and sad that EPE lost a good friend who cared about his job; keeping Elvis' legacy a lot. I hope his family becomes allright soon. To loose someone you love is the most devestated thing a human being could ever experienced. R.I.P. Todd...
Ton Bruins wrote on March 03, 2008
Well, that's shocking and very sad news. Not because of the fact that he did good things for the EPE and the fans, but because he was so young ! My thoughts are with his family and his friends.
al shookup wrote on March 03, 2008
I met Todd back in July 1987, we shared a pizza in Elvis' kitchen at Graceland and walked round the grave area sometime after midnight. I found him to be an extremely polite and friendly man who obviously cared for the memory of Elvis and loved his job. He had that typical 'southern charm' and will be sorely missed by all who new him....many condolences to his family and friends........
memphisblues wrote on March 03, 2008
R.I.P. Todd your be missed. Only the good die young
JLpResLey wrote on March 03, 2008
I agree with everyone, this is shocking news. Seems to me it was a very nice guy and he did quite a contribution to Elvis and EPE. 45 and dead by a heart attack, that sounds strange. As I understand this man has devoted a great part of his life to Elvis. The Elvis world will surely miss him, rest in peace
Steve B. wrote on March 03, 2008
I talked a couple of times to Todd and always found him to be a very nice guy who truly loved Elvis. His vision, "Elvis-The Concert" or "Elvis Lives" is the greatest thing that happened in the Elvis world after Elvis "left the building" for the last time back in 1977.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 03, 2008
Todd Morgan's passing is such a "tremendious loss" to his Family, Friends and to Graceland (EPE) and the Elvis Fans. Todd, was the "Main guy" who made things happen, when it came to "new Fresh Ideas" at EPE. The list he was was responsible for, are endless. From the "ELVIS-THE CONCERT" concept to the "Upgrades" of "Elvis-Comeback special" & " Elvis-Aloha From Hawaii" and more. He did an amazing job !! "Thank you Todd" for the making us the Fans, very happy. I hope, in heaven, Elvis is the first to shake your hand and say "Thank you, very much". You will be missed here on earth.
japio wrote on March 03, 2008
this is sad news. he meant a lot for Elvis and E.P.E . And what a loss for his family and Friends. Todd thanks for the things you have done for Elvis And E.P.E. Rest in peace
bray1977 wrote on March 03, 2008
What a tragic loss for the Elvis world. My sincere condolances to Todd's family and friends.
Tupelo3577 wrote on March 03, 2008
Very sad news. Gave most of his life to Graceland it seems. R.I.P
bobbyb1968 wrote on March 04, 2008
So very sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Rest in peace.
Getlow wrote on March 04, 2008
Shocking news. I’ve always envied his position at EPE – a dream job; however I admired him immensely due to his knowledge and clear love of Elvis and his natural ability in public speaking. If anyone of us deserves to be hanging out with Elvis right now, it’s him - TCB
Aron wrote on March 04, 2008
Oh what sad news, R.I.P. Todd.
Presleygirl wrote on March 04, 2008
What shocking news! EPE has lost a great asset with Todd's death. One of the best employess that EPE had and he devoted his life to Elvis' memory. Thank you Todd for your gracious presence at Graceland for all these years . May he rest in peace.
GeertFromNl wrote on March 05, 2008
Very sad news! R.I.P.,Todd.
JGDAY_Entertainer wrote on March 14, 2008
I saw Todd just last year after a 15 year absence while in Alaska. We worked together back in the early 80's as tour guides together and had many memorable times working "the hill", both stressful and hilarious. Hundreds of stories involving Todd could fill several volumes. I was not in the least surprised at his rise to importance within EPE due to his expert knowledge, warm personality, and the love he had for Elvis and his memory. He touched many lives with this emmence knowledge of Elvis and he will most assuredly be missed. God Bless you Todd! Jeff Day