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Reflections Of A King For EPE Offices

March 07, 2008 | Other
Next Tuesday, March 11th, Ronnie McDowell gets to present his painting “Reflections of a King” to Elvis Presley Enterprises. The print will grace the wall of the executive offices, left of Graceland. According to Ronnie McDowell, it’s the only picture that presents Elvis in Tupelo as a ten year old.
Jerome wrote on March 08, 2008
he ain't much older on the other side of the mirror..
Lefty wrote on March 08, 2008
Isn't Ronnie McDowell the Elvis impersonator? What a great painting! The concept is very original, and I like the classic Americana style that he used. Excellent!
Elvisnites wrote on March 09, 2008
Ronnie is not an Elvis impersonator. He is a singer. Very good one. He also, does beautifull art work. This one is my favorite.
hillbillycatlover wrote on March 09, 2008
In case you haven't been to Elvis' birthplace in Tupelo, this painting shows young Elvis in the home he was born in, which is a small house consisting of only two rooms, the bedroom and the kitchen. There is no indoor bathroom. To me this place is more wonderful than even Graceland. You have to see what they've done there to believe it! Elvis would go back there often; in fact, he had been there in June, '77, visiting with his longtime friend Mrs. Janelle McComb. I was fortunate to have met her there at the souvenir shop behind the house, and she told me he sat on her couch eating popcorn with her watching TV...
JerryNodak wrote on March 09, 2008
I love the painting. Great job, Ronnie!
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 09, 2008
"It's the only picture that presents Elvis in Tupelo as a ten year old." No it's not. My mate Tommy Maguire painted one years ago. Why do they make such ludicrous claims? I just hope Ronnie was wearing his wig when he painted this. I do like it, though.
Viva wrote on March 10, 2008
Some people are so easily pleased, come on it's a bit corny isn't it? Nice to see he's included wallpaper in the painting, thing is they didn't have wallpaper when Elvis lived there; it was added by over zealous renovators when they decided to open the shack to the public, which went some way into turning it into a quaint little building instead of the crap hole that it really was. Mind you, Ronnie's painting is a hundred times better than his singing. Oh, and they should also take advantage of the fact that this is the only painting of Elvis which features a jar with a stick in it.
Ruthie wrote on March 10, 2008
Is Viva always that crabby & critical or was he/she just having a bad day? I'd hate to get his/her reaction to some of the "dumps" many of my clients live in. Maybe he/she would prefer another boring picture of the mansion or a jumpsuit. I am not a McDowell fan but he does paint extremely well & it is a lovely gesture. Obviously, that thought is lost on some people.
Kenneth wrote on March 10, 2008
How could any true ELVIS fan not like this painting? HARVEY, does somebody wearing a wig really matter, grow up. VIVA, you sound like a very bitter anti-ELVIS person. just my opinion, now let's hear back like i know i will.
Jerome wrote on March 10, 2008
Ronnie McDowell told me the painting represents Elvis practicing Old Shep..
Viva wrote on March 10, 2008
Hey if you like it, more power to you. Don't call me anti-Elvis, just because I don't have an orgasm over any old tat that comes out. I'm an Elvis fan, get it? ELVIS: not some idiot who can be sold anything with Elvis' face on it. Or the back of his head for that matter. I'm sure you will be the first in line when they start selling the limited edition prints "Suitable for framing". You can hang it next to all those "Heirloom quality" plates you've been collecting.
Ruthie wrote on March 10, 2008
Viva: I am really sorry you don't get it. Why is everything said a personal attack on you? I don't own an Elvis collector plate & not interested in them, or most of what comes out Graceland shops. I wouldn't consider buying this McDowell painting although we did have the chance to do that at a concert 2 yrs ago. I just don't understand the mean spirited dialogue. You don't have to like a painting to realize it's a nice gesture. Someone's time & talent put into a painting (whether you personally like it or not) is not the same as manufacturing a collector's plate. Fortunately, most Elvis fans I have met (except for this site) are not mean spirited & can tell the difference.
Ruthie wrote on March 10, 2008
Viva: P.S. I am sorry I left this out: I did not say you were not an Elvis fan. Never made a statement close to that. Read it again.
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 10, 2008
Hey Kenneth, do you not find wigs funny? I do. I guess I'm more grown up than you.
Kenneth wrote on March 11, 2008
To try to end this thing i'll say that there is nothing wrong with somebody who has a thing about rugs, except for the ones the ELVIS impersonators wear and RUTHIE, VIVA was targetting me for the anti-ELVIS thing but i do understand and agree with what your trying to say. my opinion now let's get on with positive ELVIS.