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Elvis Presley White Baby Grand Piano On The Block Again

March 05, 2008 | Other
Another Ebay Auction is set to begin very soon for the Elvis Presley White Baby Grand Piano. Auction is being listed by Rocco Ingala, owner Angel City Bookstore & Gallery, Santa Monica, for the piano's owner businessman Warren Liu, 63, of Los Angeles.

A sample of the upcoming EBay auction headline:

Elvis Presley White Baby Grand Piano--RCA Hollywood Studio C. This beautiful piano was custom ordered by RCA Studios in the early 1970s for Elvis Presley. The piano was kept at the famous RCA Hollywood Building, Studio C, a room especially built by the studio just for Elvis. The piano was used by Elvis to play and record many of his songs and popular sound tracks.
Jerome wrote on March 05, 2008
Happy bidding everybody!!..
phasetoy wrote on March 05, 2008
Please dont sell Elvis's Things ......
Mofoca22 wrote on March 06, 2008
if i had the dough id buy it so i can sit down at the piano elvis once played and feel the music when i play. i believe thats the one he played the song how the web was woven on
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on March 07, 2008
Wish I had the money, if mofoca22 is right ...I love that song.