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Elvis In 2013: Making $190 Million

March 06, 2008 | Other
You don't often get to read SEC documents guesstimating how much money a dead idol will make in the future. But today's our lucky day: Witness this filing from CKX, which owns an 85% stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises -- basically the rights to run Graceland and license the King's name. Not included: The rights to sell most of Elvis' actual music.

But even without the ability to sell his songs, CKX says Elvis will generate $68.8 million for them this year. Not bad for a guy who died in 1977. But the future looks even brighter: CKX says that Elvis hotels, casinos and other projects will bump that number up to $189 million by 2013. Which makes Frank Sinatra's $50 million payday last year look like bupkis.
Steve B. wrote on March 06, 2008
Totally amazing!
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 06, 2008
That's a lot of plastic ducks and other crap.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on March 06, 2008
Too Bad he cant take Old Shep out for a walk that would make another million and old Sheps favorite Hydrant can go in the living room of the mansion.
Brian Quinn wrote on March 07, 2008
Nice one. Way to go Mr. Sillerman.
NOSTAB92 wrote on March 08, 2008
So we would all prefer it if EPE was a complete flop, Graceland folded and the world forgot about Elvis right ? You would certainly think so judging by your negativity.
Paul Reno wrote on March 08, 2008
Let's not forget CKX is a business and CD/ DVD releases depend on keeping Elvis in the public eye. CKX don't own the music or DVD's of Elvis - but they can certainly help generate sales. As long as CKX keep ploughing money into their project, also sales of Elvis media will continue. It's not doom and gloom. The FTD fan label need interest in Elvis. If that comes from CKX then fine. Let's not shoot them down. I love the 'Follow That Dream' label and look forward to many more interesting releases.
Lefty wrote on March 08, 2008
Paul Reno, you took the words right out of my mouth! Whatever generates interest in Elvis keeps the CD's and DVD's coming. So more power to them! If some fans prefer the bobbles and trinkets, that's fine with me. No one asks me to buy it for them. To each his own!
Steve B. wrote on March 08, 2008
Paul, You nailed it completely. For those who don't get it, maybe the need to buy all the rubber ducks, etc. The bottom line is, Elvis has always been a cash cow and he continues to be one today. These numbers that he is generating are totally amazing. $$$ earned mean there is interest in Elvis.