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Cover Art The One And Only

March 07, 2008 | Music

This is the cover art of the upcoming budget CD release "The One And Only" which will be released April 4, 2008 and features twelve remastered hits.

Tracklisting: Jailhouse Rock - All Shook Up - Love Me Tender - Blue Suede Shoes - Teddy Bear - I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - Hound Dog - Loving You - Trying To Get To You - Mystery Train - Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Heartbreak Hotel
Jerome wrote on March 08, 2008
I like what they did with the red capitals..
Lefty wrote on March 08, 2008
Cover art? Or lack thereof? You got it right, its a budget release, a very low budget indeed.
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 08, 2008
The font used on the cover looks like a remixed font to me...