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Conversations With Elvis

March 04, 2008 | Book
The book "Conversations With Elvis" is a biography of Elvis Presley as told by him to the spiritual medium Grethe Svendsen. The book is an English E-book ("E" for "Electronic", not "Elvis").

From her website:

Dear Friend,

My name is Grethe Svendsen and I would like to share something very special with you.

As a Spiritual Medium I have always tried to help people through the use of my guides and other friends in Spirit, in addition to helping them by drawing on my own life's experiences and knowledge. I consider it a great privilege to be able to use my gift in this way and my work has been very fulfilling. Nothing however, could have prepared me for what happened six years ago when I found myself being contacted by the spirit of Elvis Presley.

Every Medium is taught to embrace their gift, never questioning what is being said or revealed to them through spirit, but I couldn’t help but wonder ‘Is this really happening? Am I really talking to Elvis? But feeling his soothing energy, hearing his voice and then finally seeing him, I was left in no doubt; ‘this really is Elvis’.

As the months passed, our link grew stronger as Elvis continued to communicate with me, expressing his views and opinions on various subjects, gradually becoming more personal and
in-depth. If I could describe him, I would use two words - Sweetness and Light, as there is an aura of such kindness around him.

Since Elvis had never written his autobiography, I asked him one day if he would be willing to have some of our conversations compiled and turned into a short book, he thought for a little while and then told me "Yes, I will talk through you. I would like that very much as I have a few things I'd like to say".

In this book Elvis talks about his friends, fans, beliefs, regrets, spiritual experiences and why so many people simply did not understand him. To respect his wishes, only subjects that he has consented to have been included.

What interested me about Elvis was the fact that he was a very spiritual person in his Earth life and still remains so. He has never had a chance to fully express himself and his deeply spiritual side and I felt very privileged to help him do this. I have always liked Elvis ever since I was a young girl growing up in the Fifties and have found what he has to say both fascinating and truly inspirational.

This book is about the man behind the Legend, a man who simply wanted to help people through his music and acts of kindness. An extremely sensitive human being who was searching for answers on his spiritual journey through life. It touches upon the heart and soul of Elvis and within these pages you will find there is a message from him - one of love.
Narek wrote on March 04, 2008
Crap goes on and on and on....the bucks come in and in and in....
Sean Ryan wrote on March 04, 2008
As much as i believe in 'Spiritualism', this is just another way of ripping Elvis fans off and actually damages the reputations of real mediums. I plead with any Elvis fan to avoid this book. Why cant she just put all these so-called 'conversations' up on a website for free and then tell Elvis fans about it?? Why?? Cause she wouldnt make any money thats why. She wants you to part with $9.99 to download the E-book. Sad thing is that anything with Elvis' name attached to it means money. This is just another classic example. Its an insult to Elvis' memory and its an insult to Mediumship.
Cher wrote on March 05, 2008
I think this woman should be made to authenticate her conversations by being able to reveal something about Elvis that only those closest to him would know it. (if everything hasn't already been revealed that is) Did he have a mole I don't know about? :-) If it was truly Elvis, he would disapprove of charging money for his thoughts. He was always humble about that, so I've read.
dannyboy1 wrote on March 05, 2008
These people aree the worst of the worst. They should be lined up and shot.
Martin DJ wrote on March 05, 2008
It should be very interesting to read Elvis' opinions from the great beyond. Apart from the topics mentioned, I hope he can direct Ernst to the location of verious missing recordings so they can be released on FTD.
Jerome wrote on March 05, 2008
"Just a closer walk with Thee..' There are a few things I like to know; did he wear those glasses when he visited her (or a jumpsuit?) and those she have a relative by the name of Larry?..
Lefty wrote on March 05, 2008
Please, enough already! How much more crap are we supposed to tolerate? Just when I think that the Elvis market has hit bottom, it sinks to a lower level. Why doesn't she channel Elvis through the robotic talking head so we can all hear him too? Why not channel the ghost of L Ron Hubbard and Elvis in a dual conversation about spirituality? That would secure her place with Lisa and Cilla for sure! The more of this junk I see, the more I'm forced to believe that Elvis fans are mere cattle being herded to the slaughter house by slick marketers. Oh, and Ms. Svendsen, please tell Houdini I said hello.
samcra wrote on March 05, 2008
WOW!!! I must be a spiritual Medium also. Elvis just contacted me and said " DO NOT buy this book"
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 07, 2008
Loony Alert! Loony Alert!
Elvisnites wrote on March 09, 2008
I wonder if she has Joe's permission to use his artwork? Oh what the heck, Elvis probably gave her permission.
Ruthie wrote on March 10, 2008
Don't have a "cow" Lefty! Just because we are Elvis fans doesn't mean we are a herd of cattle! This type of stuff goes on all the time. It doesn't mean we will buy it. THe majority of true fans do not have rubber ducks (well, maybe my son's when he was little) in their collections & this book will not be in their bookcases.
John4126 wrote on March 11, 2008
Elvis speaks every Friday on radio 2. No need for this.