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Spankox Re:Versions Album Volume 1

February 27, 2008 | Music
The Japanese Elvis World site mentions a ten track CD from the Italian remixer Agostino Carollo a.k.a. Spankox entitled "Elvis Presley Spankox Re:Versions Volume 1". Currently his "Re: Version" of "Baby Let's Play House" is out since January 8th, the album should be out April 16, 2008. The CD is available for pre-order from Amazon Japan.
Elvis Presley Spankox Re:Versions Volume 1 (PCCY-01873 \ 2520)

Track Listing:

Baby Let's Play House
All Shook Up
Blue Suede Shoes
Jailhouse Rock
Heartbreak Hotel
Hound Dog
Love Me Tender
Don't Be Cruel
I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
That's All Right
Source:Elvis World Japan

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Jerome wrote on February 27, 2008
BOOOOH! No more SpanCock, No more Spancock!! No more Spancock- please sign my petition for the SSMM2000 Releases (Stop Spancock's Magic Musicmaker2000 Releases)..
dannyboy1 wrote on February 28, 2008
Hmmm...all classic 50's songs - arguably within the public domain in some countries. These sorts of tracklists have not been on respectable releases lately! Spankmonkey more like it!
jean michel wrote on February 28, 2008
The Baby Let's Play House remix is back to the number one spot in the official download italian chart. It had fallen to # 4 2 weeks ago , up to # 3 last week . The single is now enjoying its 7th non consecutive week , out of 12 , at the top.
Harvey Alexander wrote on February 28, 2008
Are you saying that this scuzzbucket has remixed / murdered all of these classic tracks?! I'll pay $1000 to whoever brings me his head on a stick.
marty wrote on February 28, 2008
I will help the cause and give $1000 on top of what Harvey is giving to whoever brings Spankoxs' head on a stick (to Harvey or anyone else, doesn't matter). Those stupid laws... Any fool has a chance to make money without much effort. Sometimes by altering (or rather murdering) other peoples masterpieces...