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Elvis #1 In Italy Again

February 28, 2008 | Music
The "Baby Let's Play House" Re: Version is back at #1 on the Official Italian Download chart. It had fallen to #4 two weeks ago, climbed back to #3 last week. The single is now enjoying its 7th non consecutive week (out of 12) at #1.

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Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on February 29, 2008
The Colonel is watching and he wants his 50 percent sent to the Las Vegas Hilton and put on # 22 on the roulette wheel. and if he dont win he'll get out his blow up dummy of Elvis and have a August opening for him at the MGM Grand.
Viva wrote on March 01, 2008
This only goes to prove the potential success this release could have. It never fails to amaze me at how many golden opportunities are missed by those who are supposed to be looking after the Legend that is Elvis; but I bet you any money that no one will take advantage of this chance for major success. They're too busy counting their profits from the 100th re-issue of 30 no.1's. Which, if they had a brain in their heads, they should realise was only a success because of the re-mix attached to the end of it. Is there any particular reason that the powers that be are so silent regarding this track?
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 01, 2008
No.1 on a download chart in Italy. Whoopy doo! Isn't that the country that gave the world Mussolini?
NOSTAB92 wrote on March 02, 2008
Harvey, if you can't be positive keep your opinions to yourself, there are enough negative whingearses on this website without your input. The fact it is the download chart is good news as it suggest young peolple (in Italy at least) are still finding Elvis interesting. Why's that a negative ?
theoldscudder wrote on March 03, 2008
Harvey, It's also the country that gave us a great deal of great art, & music.
Steve V wrote on March 04, 2008
And may I add the world's most popular cuisine. Harvey lighten up! Most Italians hated Mussolini!
marco31768 wrote on March 05, 2008
Dear Harvey Alexander, what's is mean Mussolini with this Elvis' site? I'm an Italian fan but I don't fool around with German fans about Hitler... Sorry for my bad English. Anyway in Italian stores this release it's hard to find...