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February 24, 2008 | Music
Walmart in the US mentions a new CD release entitled "#1's" which is due for release March 25, 2008. More information when available.
Greg Nolan wrote on February 24, 2008
There are a series of titles under the banner "#1's" that I have seen at K-Mart and Wal-Mart. The one I recall and see on their site covers James Brown, with an attractive cover. I recall seeing titles by other "catalog" or oldies acts, on the level of Eric Clapton to Michael Jackson. All of them are notable for the following: "This package contains recycled board PaperFoam trays that are paper-recyclable and biodegradable." Yes, so-called "egg-crate" CD packaging ! On one hand, you can say it's ecological; on the other hand, while similar to the charms of a digipak, it comes off as an embarrassingly cheaper cousin. These are budget titles, too, so look for the Elvis version to have a skimpy 10 Camden-esque titles and accompanying running time. In the age of the death of the CD, I guess this is what is left in remaining CD sections in US retail outlets. If nothing else, it speaks to the need to be affordable since downloading began to take over.
Jerome wrote on February 24, 2008
this cd isn't going to be at number 1, that's for sure..