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Priscilla In Dancing With The Stars

February 19, 2008 | People

The rumour went on for a while, but now the BBC mentions it... so it's probably true that the plastic mannequin will do it:

Elvis Presley's former wife Priscilla will take part in the next series of Dancing with the Stars, the US equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing.

Other celebrities signed up include tennis champion Monica Seles, actor Steve Guttenberg and R&B singer Mario. The programme's sixth season begins on March 17. Presley played Jenna Wade on Dallas and starred in the Naked Gun film trilogy. She was married to music icon Elvis before divorcing him in 1973.

The programme, in which six male and six female celebrities are paired with professional dancers, regularly attracts more than 20 million viewers. Last season, Spice Girl Mel B come second to Brazilian racing driver Helio Castroneves. In an interview with 'The Insider', Priscilla was very clear about the music she would dance to: 'I will not dance on Elvis 'music'. Without any further explenation, she thinks it would be inappropriate.

Burninglove wrote on February 19, 2008
Who cares???
dannyboy1 wrote on February 19, 2008
Ha, ha..."plastic mannequin" - I like that. Plastic in more ways than one.
Elvisnites wrote on February 20, 2008
Love the description. That's even better than Dra-cilla and several others I've heard.
gary 1 wrote on February 20, 2008
And i thought this was a respectable site.It just goes to show how wrong you can be.This is the mother of Elvis' only child you're slagging off You should all be ashamed of yourselves.More so the one who runs this poor excuse of a news site.
bobbyb1968 wrote on February 20, 2008
Before you make fun of her, think of that: Without Priscilla there would be no Graceland today. She was the one who made it as it is today. Who knows where Elvis would stay today without EPE.
Elvisnites wrote on February 20, 2008
You don't want to get me started on this woman. Believe me. But, let me correct one thing. EPE was started by Elvis and his father. Any thoughts I have about her, I am not ashamed of and I have every right to them and no one is going to tell me I'm wrong. Do some investigating and you just might change your opinion.
Steve V wrote on February 20, 2008
I have no thoughts about Priscilla one way or another. I have met her, she was super nice so from my brief encounter, she was all right. Yes, she is Lisa's mother and Elvis loved her for sure. But no doubt she has used the Presley name to further her career and still is using it. And one more thing, she is no star. Dancing with the stars?
efan4ever wrote on February 20, 2008
She is not supposed to be using the Presley name anymore. After they divorced that was one of the key elements in the procedings.
Steve B. wrote on February 20, 2008
The facts are, Elvis' estate was in sad shape when he "left the building" for the last time. I'm not a fan of Priscillia's, but I do understand she stepped up and turned things around. She had enough "cents" to hire smart people. Certainly, NO ONE, could have pictured the unbeliable succes EPE's.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on February 20, 2008
Priscilla hurt Elvis deeply, when she left him.. and alot of us fans, disliked her for that. But since his passing, she has been there for Elvis & Lisa Marie & the fans, at every opportunity... and she has kept the "Elvis Legacy" very much "alive" & "current"... and for that.. among many other things.. I have much respect for her. And I hope she does "great" on the "Dancing with the Stars" show !!!!
Viva wrote on February 20, 2008
Can't wait for the "Dancing With The Stars" limited edition bottle opener. Will she do it in person or will they get an impersonator to do it?
efan4ever wrote on February 21, 2008
All good points.
Harvey Alexander wrote on February 21, 2008
It's us - THE FANS - who have kept Elvis' name and image alive. Not EPE or Priscilla or anybody else. All they want to do is sell plastic ducks and robotic singing heads to the mental brigade.
big heart wrote on February 21, 2008
i agree with viva; loved your comments !!! too true ! I can't wait until she starts "touring " with the show ! ha ha
ibegofyou wrote on February 22, 2008
If it were not for this woman, Graceland may have been bulldozed years ago. Say what you want about her , but she has treated Elvis in a dignified manner . We were not there with her & Elvis. Dance your heart out Priscilla...
GEORGE (GK) wrote on February 22, 2008
Harvey, without a doubt, Us Fans.. have "played a big part" in keeping the Elvis' Legacy alive. But we haven't done it alone !!! its also, EPE, RCA, and others, whom keep Elvis in the public eye !! Its a Team effort !! Like you, I'm not fond of the "Plastic Ducks" and such, but a majority of things at EPE, RCA, etc.. are done right...
JerryNodak wrote on February 22, 2008
I wish Priscilla the best of luck on "Dancing With The Stars." You go, girl!!
Steve V wrote on February 22, 2008
Priscilla has handled the Presley estate much better than Col Parker (and Vernon) would have. I doubt she ever trusted the old man.
japio wrote on February 22, 2008
Why the hate and bad words. But some guy are sick.to used some bad words. She will alweays be a part of the Elvis Legacy. So accept that. And i don't understand why the owner of this site don't removed it. Are you blind upthere What i read at point 4 by the rules
theoldscudder wrote on March 06, 2008
Japio, I cannot agree with you more. I don't understand why there is so much negativity regarding this woman. Is it because she left Elvis? Any self respecting woman with a child would have done the same thing. Think it was easy for her to live with the drugs & womanizing (the King was a Cockster). So fans lighten up. Love the man for his great music. If you can forgive all his flaws than forgive Priscella for her's. Harvey Alexander, Buy some laxative & take it tonight. Maybe you woun't be so GRUMPY.
Devon wrote on March 13, 2008
She needs to just leave things alone. Yes she did many good things to help the memory of the King, now she just needs to stay quite and let things be!!!