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Lisa Marie Pregnant?

February 20, 2008 | People

Since there is no Elvis news at the moment, we have to settle for news regarding his (ex-)relatives. Lisa Marie Presley is reportedly pregnant for the third time. Sources say the actress - the daughter of Elvis Presley - and her fourth husband Michael Lockwood have told pals they are expecting.

Presley, 40, already has two teenage children, daughter Danielle Riley and son Benjamin, with her musician ex, Danny Keough.She has also been married to pop star Michael Jackson and actor Nicolas Cage.

A spokeswoman for Presley said of the pregnancy reports: “[She] is not one to comment on her personal life.” Presley wed Lockwood, a guitarist and music producer, in Japan in January 2006.

GEORGE (GK) wrote on February 20, 2008
Hey Fly Trouble, your comment, on Lisa Marie, is rude !!! If the rumors are true... then, I am very happy for Lisa and her Family... Shes a wonderful Lady.
Viva wrote on February 20, 2008
My boy, my boy wrote on February 21, 2008
I wish her all the best. She turned out to be a very smart lady despite the fact that she was brought up in a pretty complex childhood. Unlike so many stars today, Lisa doesn't sound shallow in an interview. The only 2 obvious mistakes she made over the years were to marry Wacko and awful actor Nicolas Cage. At least, she finally had the wisdom to dump them...
efan4ever wrote on February 21, 2008
Good for her and Michael.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on February 21, 2008
"Shes a wonderful Lady." Really? Why? Is she a good singer? Is she extremely kind to the fans?The answer is definitely no. By the way, a real 'Lady' doesn't swear like a trooper.
Jerome wrote on February 21, 2008
if it's a girl, she is probably named Oprah..
benny scott wrote on February 21, 2008
Hi Fly Trouble, does somebody has to be a good singer or "extremely" kind to the fans ( is "kind" not enough ?) to be a nice lady ? As for the swearing : if i'm not mistaken, Elvis has always been cxonsidered as "a southern gentleman" ( and i fully agree with that), but Elvis too did some swearing during his life. Does that make him "less" gentleman? Always El.
Ruthie wrote on February 22, 2008
I continue to be amazed by most of the people on this site. Whether you care or not if Lisa Marie is pregnat or agree/disagree that she should be, is definitely your opinion. That's where it should end. It's amazing that so many seem to "know"her & know what she's like but have never met her. Luckily for me, I have had the opportunity & privilege to meet her on two separate occasions & found her to be an absolutely down to earth person but also very funny & kind. On the one occasion I met her daughter & believe me she is just like any young woman (hair piled on top of her head, little make-up & in jeans) who also was very courteous. Both Lisa & her daughter are both on the shy side & not that trusting but I can well understand that. Yes, Lisa swears - my, oh, my! So did her father as well as those who worked for him. She's a good person & she's been a good mother. Her children truly love her & that's what's important. If you don't like her, that's your right but don't talk about people you don't know. Follow her dad's rule & you know what that is: Unless you've stood in that person's shoes, etc etc etc.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on February 22, 2008
Fly Trouble, seems angry. Lisa and Priscilla have been very good to the fans and have represented Elvis well, through the years, and still continue to do so !! And yes, I do consider her and her Mother, Nice Ladies. A few cuss words, here and there, is normal, Friend. Is she a good singer? Some say yes, some say no. Thats up to, one's opinion. I think, she can definately sing!! ( I like her voice) Try and Lighten up, Mr. Fly Trouble !!
benny scott wrote on February 22, 2008
To Ruthie and George(GK) : well said ! That's the spirit ! Always El.