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Elvis Presley: The King

February 23, 2008 | Music
A new CD release on the K-tel label (remember them and "Elvis 40 Greatest Hits") from the UK. It focuses on Elvis' public domain 1956 and 1957 songs - it features two CDs; "Rockin' With Elvis" and "Lovin' With Elvis".
Source:Elvis Information Network
ger wrote on February 23, 2008
Wow what A good name for an ALBUM
Greg Nolan wrote on February 24, 2008
I assume this truly the same "K-Tel" label that also released many a compilation LP on television in the USA during the '70s as well as products like "Miracle-Brush. I see K-Tel has a website (the usual easy-to-find one) and notes that they sold "half a billion records" over 45 years under Canadian founder Philip Kives.
Jerome wrote on February 24, 2008
I didn't know Harvey K-tel had his own record label..