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Elvis Magazine Relaunched In Australia

February 22, 2008 | Other
October last DeAgostini Group released "Elvis The Official Collector's Edition" magazine in Australia. After little promotion and (reportedly) poor sales the magazine is now being promoted via TV ads.

The first issue can be bought from newsagencies for A$2.95 (regular issue price $7.95). Binders are also available for the 65 part series. The magazine series comes with bonus items including memorabilia reproductions and DVDs. Response to the magazine series in other countries has been mixed.
Source:Elvis Information Network
Ken in Tasmania wrote on February 22, 2008
The TV Adds look great. The first issue looks impressive with the memorabilia box alone worth at least $11.95 if sold on its own. I know the newsagents are selling many. Must rush down and buy another one. Wouldn't be great to see adds for '' Elvis on Tour'' and ''Elvis In Concert'' on TV when these dvds are finally released before I go to the Nursing Home...