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Tweedle Dee Tape For Sale

February 10, 2008 | Other
For sale on eBay is the original 1/4" reel-to-reel tape recording of Elvis Presley singing "Tweedle Dee" on the Louisiana Hayride during a road show in Gladewater, Texas. According to the seller, the tape is in excellent condition. His name is Joey Kent and he’s the owner of the historic Louisiana Hayride Archives.

His father, David Kent, purchased the Louisiana Hayride name and assets from KWKH in 1975 and this Elvis tape was part of that collection. This tape represents the last remaining original reel I have on Elvis. It was recorded by Louisiana Hayride engineer Bob Sullivan on the evening of Saturday, April 30, 1955.

Elvis had some car trouble that evening and was very late getting to the show. In fact, you can hear Hayride announcer Horace Logan admonish him by saying "Well, sir, he got here a little late..." as he squeezes in Elvis for the last song of the evening. Logan asks Elvis if he's got a "two minute version of Tweedle-dee-dee" to which a dejected Elvis replies "Yes, sir, I guess so...".

The bidding on this one started at $2500 with no reserve. However, the seller reserves all rights to the contents. The tape comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Joey Kent and Hayride announcer Frank Page, along with a detailed Provenance. The song itself, has been released on many Hayride CD’s.

Search for "Original KWKH Elvis Presley Louisiana Hayride Reel Tape" on eBay.