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The Presley Family and Friends Cookbook

February 13, 2008 | Book

A paperback edition of the "The Presley Family and Friends Cookbook " by Donna Presley Early. The 288 pages book will be published by Cumberland House Publishing on February 28, 2008 in the UK (ISBN-10: 188895275X, ISBN-13: 978-1888952759).


The Presley Family & Friends Cookbook is a special blend of recipes, memories and photographs compiled by the people who knew Elvis best: his personal cook, family, friends and fellow performers. Simmering with nearly 300 recipes, it contains an amazing variety of foods, from Elvis's All Shook Up Milkshake to his You Ain't Nothin' but a Hot Dog to the family's King Creole Lobster and Clam Bake, plus his favourite banana pudding and hamburger recipes. Also included are recipes from his favourite restaurants and Memphis juke joints. The Presley Family & Friends Cookbook contains more than 100 personal family photos - many of which have not been published - and provides personal reminiscences from Elvis's family and friends. Also included are dozens of fan-friendly sidebars and useful information about Elvis movies available on video, plus lists of his many hits and albums and when they appeared on the pop charts. Come and enjoy platter after platter of some the King's favourite foods, straight from the kitchens of some of his most beloved cooks.

Palle wrote on February 14, 2008
Geezzz... this **** woman is yet again trying to rip off Elvis fans ...she's just as pathetic as the Stanley's
Jerome wrote on February 14, 2008
Cucumberland House Publishing has released many fine cookbooks in the past..
Palle wrote on February 14, 2008
That may very well be about Cucumberland House Publishing, but dude, read up on Donna Presley!!
JLpResLey wrote on February 15, 2008
So it´s a cookbook with movie information. That´s weird. Maybe some people buy this one because of the information about movies and albums. But that kind of information has been discussed in a large number of other books. This book will not be a bestseller, that´s for sure.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 16, 2008
I just dont understand the need for books like this,i like Elvis so i wanna have food that he ate,yea that would be so cool!
Steve V wrote on February 16, 2008
Mature - there is no need for book like this other than the fact that Elvis fans are dumb enough to buy it. Again I ask the question, why not books like this on The Beatles, Dylan, Sinatra (who being Italian actually has reason with ethnic cuisine) Why? Because the fan base is totally different. Those artists are always going to be more respected by critics just because these types of products dont appear for them. I can see the snickering now as people catch a glimpse of this book at their local bookstore!
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on February 17, 2008
Elvis may have said that it dosent matter if the people want the Fat you or the Skinny you, its important that they want you, Please pass the fired peanut and banana sandwiches please.