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Fike - An Uncommon Movie?

February 15, 2008 | Book
Veteran PR man David Salidor, who will be handling publicity for the book "Fike - An Uncommon Journey", hints in an interview with The Improper that a screenplay will soon be in the works. The book is co-written with music writer Marc Bego who also collaborated on David Stanley's 1996 book Raised On Rock as well as on books with Micky Dolenz and Martha Reeves.

From the interview:
Lamar Fike, the man who for years ran Elvis Presley’s publishing company in Memphis, is hard at work with writer Mark Bego putting the finishing touches on a new book entitled An Uncommon Journey. It seems that this one-time member of the King’s “Memphis Mafia” is willing to finally share all his untold stories.

He also reveals a rather odd connection to this particular bit of tub-thumping. “My Dad had worked for the legendary Decca Records back in the day and knows Lamar,” Salidor explains. “So, when we first spoke, Lamar said to me, ‘I met you when you were five at the Copacabana in New York.' Amazing and, true.”

Meanwhile, in a synopsis of the book posted on Fike’s official website, the former King best pal makes a rather intriguing comparison: “Let me tell you, The Memphis Mafia was the original Entourage… I never knew what to expect when I was around Elvis. There would be Hollywood starlets in the pool or Natalie Wood would drop by for a visit.”

And how’s this for a side trip? In the book, Fike also recounts his experiences in Rome with Tennessee Williams and Hercules actor Steve Reeves while Elvis was stationed in Germany.
dannyboy1 wrote on February 15, 2008
I wonder who they would find with the necessary, ahem...girth to play the role. Maybe Rosie O'Donnell could do a Cate Blanchett and play a male role. Or maybe John Travolta in a fat suit? I've never had much respect for Lamar. He's always struck me as being as much an opportunist as the Stanley leeches. Probably 'cause he collaborated with Albert Goldman. I don't see him as having any honest respect for Elvis. The good do die young.
JLpResLey wrote on February 15, 2008
I do have a lot of respect for Lamar. I mean, this man was with Elvis a lot longer than most of the other members in The Memphis Mafia. And I think he really tried to get Elvis to change himself in the later years. And don´t forget Lamar gave Elvis a lot of great songs, especially Kentucky Rain. Of course he had respect for Elvis. Ok, he was working with Albert Goldman, but it´s time to move on. It´s almost thirty years ago.
marty wrote on February 15, 2008
We should always try to forgive. He worked with Albert Goldman hmm. Should we forgive? I don't personaly know him but I don't have a good opinion for most of the Memphis Mafia. They saw Elvis loosing touch with reallity and did nothing. Maybe they couldn't. Most importantly though he run Elvis Presley's publishing company in Memphis. They were responsible for keeping a lot of good songs away from Elvis. They wanted Elvis singing only songs that THEY would publish (and get the financial benefit). After the early 60's when songwriters started demanding more money and recognition Elvis was given one mediocre song after another (with some exceptions, mostly songs Elvis picked himself and they couldn't stop him, even Suspicious Minds almost wasn't recorded because they didn't have the rights!). And that's a real shame...
Harvey Alexander wrote on February 16, 2008
So he's finally going to share all his "untold stories", eh? And you believe that? How many books and documentaries has Lard Ass contributed to? At last count it was 867, and yet he still has "untold stories" to tell? What a load of baloney. His claims are as over-bloated as his belly.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 16, 2008
Why did he surround himself with such people? such clingers,what might have been comes to mind once again,as for the book,dont care,dont care for 99 percent of Elvis books,you see im actually intersted in the music,i know that sounds crazy,these guys were no friends,i could give you full view of them,but it would have to edited alot!
Tony D. wrote on February 16, 2008
"mature_elvis_fan", you say you are only interested in Elvis' music, but you have never come across as so in your scathing criticisms of most of the FTD CD's in the past. Also, Lamar Fike may not be to YOUR liking, but Elvis kept him around him for over 20 years!!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 16, 2008
I praise many releases you just dont pay attention to it, and Ftd has nothing to do with my interest in Elvis music,i dont like how his music is handled and Ftd could do much better,again that has nothing to do with my liking for Elvis music,and you about lamar that was my point why he chose to surround himself with such people is beyond me!
dannyboy1 wrote on February 16, 2008
It's an interesting question. Why did Elvis surround himself with the users and hangers-on? Time has revealed the true nature of most of them. The Stanleys came into the picture because Vernon was manipulated by Dee. But the others were guys that made contact with Elvis at some point and just hung around. Of course we can never know for sure, but I believe Elvis had insecurity issues that made him surround himself with the known and the safe, rather than bringing in unknown and possibly untrustworthy new people. In addition, he didn't really get around much, and his fame prevented him from mixing in a larger sampling of the population as you or I might. My view of Lamar and most of the others is that all they can do is talk about someone great that they once knew. That's a far cry from actually being someone great. One thing is for sure, the line that Lamar "...is willing to finally share all his untold stories" is as corny, overused and lame as "...remastered with improved sound quality."
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on February 17, 2008
If Lamar Fike is doing it it has to be done in KING size, that man hasnt seen his his toes since he was 4 years old.
Pedro Nuno wrote on February 18, 2008
We'll have "Elvis" in Goldman style part II! Just what we all needed!
efan4ever wrote on February 20, 2008
I have met Lamar he was really nice. Its not his fault what happened
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 09, 2008
Who said it was his fault what happened? i dont understand,your confusing 2 differt things,its not his fault what happened but it is his fault how he handles himself when he speaks of his so called friend,telling me that Elvis didnt like to take baths and he wouls try to cover up any body odor is not the sign of a friend its the sign of insecure man who has no idea what a friend is!
Ruthie wrote on March 10, 2008
How many more "untold stories" does he think peole want to read? It's like the "never before released photos" that we've seen over & over. Besides, it's only his word the stories are true. Elvis isn't here to give his opinion. Lamar & the rest of the clowns hung around because it was an easy job, and a fun way to live. Except for a couple, none of them had the ambition to travel too far from Elvis & try to make it on their own. And they are still making money off of him. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Elvis had a lot of insecurities. They knew it & they used it. Friends don't do that, opportunists do!
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on March 10, 2008
What i'd like to see is Lamar Fike attempting to see his toes...
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on March 10, 2008
Elvis having a friend like Mr Fike should have given elvis a clue as to what NOT to eat.