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Malicious Gossip

February 07, 2008 | People
It has been brought to the attention of Jerry Scheff that several fan club websites have posted that due to health problems, Jerry Scheff will no longer be part of The TCB Band and will be replaced by Duke Bardwell. The Official TCB Band website confirms that this statement is totally untrue. Jerry has asked Elvis Matters to publish the following statement on his behalf:

“The rumours flying around at this present time are nothing but malicious gossip. I do not have any idea were any of this has originated from. I want everybody to know that there is no truth in any of it and I am not leaving The TCB Band nor being replaced.

Best Wishes, Jerry Scheff.”
Harvey Alexander wrote on February 07, 2008
I thought it would be Emory Gordy replacing Jerry - then Duke Bardwell.
Natha wrote on February 08, 2008
Let's not rush into conclusions. Maybe the origin of the news is doubtful. Yet the fact that others published the news could be the mere fact that people care about Jerry and the TCB band. Why think bad of others! I am happy that Jerry is healthy.