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Larry Geller On Tour

February 06, 2008 | People

Larry Geller, Elvis's former hairdresser, is working on a European tour for November. Stops include Denmark and Germany. Larry has a new book out - Leaves of Elvis's Garden - and will take the oppertunity to talk about his book, his relationship with Elvis, and the spiritual side of world's greatest entertainer. One of the eyecatchers of the tour, is a special weekend in Germany (7-9 November), put together by top-collector Markus Henfling.

Viva wrote on February 06, 2008
Oh dear, time to dust of the "Larry - On Tour" straight jacket. Is he flying in on a plane or are angels from heaven dropping him off?
Eap54 wrote on February 06, 2008
i agree with viva how is larry coming in & he's back to make anthor buck of elvis saying he's his friend & abunch of lies
Elvisnites wrote on February 06, 2008
If your nice to him maybe he'll give you a sample of his new hair line products.
Mofoca22 wrote on February 06, 2008
hes as believable as a drunk sitting on santa's lap saying he wants to go to detox.
JimmyCool wrote on February 06, 2008
Larry Geller on Tour? Will he be cuting people's hair or something?
ttwiise wrote on February 07, 2008
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 07, 2008
What is wrong with you peaople,if we can have the Elvos on tour dvd set,then at least we have larry on tour,and of course angels are not delivering him,last time they dropped him after 1o minutes of his babbling i mean storys!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 07, 2008
Sorry for all those typos,i must not type in the dark anymore!
Bryan wrote on February 07, 2008
Larry Geller was a dear friend of Elvis..that's a fact.. i really can't understand why u people bad mouthing about him.. shut up!! please..
Lex wrote on February 07, 2008
I agree with Bryan, it, uh he, was a friend of Elvis, not a creep at all and a very interesting story teller. No yawning involved when he rambles on, uh tells his feet on the ground stories... I especially loved his apperances in Bill Bixby's alive docus, which I unfortunately erased for the Teletubbies (at least the tape was interesting to my kids then).
RJ wrote on February 07, 2008
Larry is different alright, but you know what y'all: Elvis faced the same ignorant reactions about his spiritual quest during his life time as you're doing right now.. If you think Larry is a weirdo, you think the same about Elvis, because they shared the same spiritual interest & passion. Larry was a loyal friend, is a great story teller and if you don't understand their common journy, than don't judge.. See ya.
benny scott wrote on February 07, 2008
Met the guy about 2 years ago in Belgium. He's really OK and no weirdo at all. A very kind person and very respectful concerning Elvis. As RJ wrote : a great story teller, not at all seeking for sensational declarations, on the contrary. My deepest respect Mr.Geller.God bless! Always El.
JLpResLey wrote on February 07, 2008
I really can´t understand why people has problems with Larry Geller. I think he´s allright. However, I´m not sure what to make of this new book. I really like his previous book "If I Can Dream", but I don´t think there´s a need for a new book. The spiritual side of Elvis is already been discussed in "If I Can Dream".
elvis100% wrote on February 07, 2008
What I can say is that I know Larry Geller personally, I've been with him a couple of times in Memphis, in 1997 and 2002. I've read his book "If I Can Dream" and even though I'm not making plans to buy this one new book by him, I don't like to read bad stuff about him, just like I don't like to read bad stuff on Elvis. Larry is a very nice man, that's what I can say about him. I've also attended a "Conversations on Elvis" at Humes High School, many people of Elvis world were there and I can say that what Larry said meant the most to me. And don't forget, like someone said below here, if you think Larry is weirdo, than you have to realise Elvis was weirdo, too. I know that Elvis liked Larry and after I met him, I can honestly say I understand why. Larry has kind eyes, an easy smile and speaks with you with ease and humbleness. He hasn't said, like Joe Esposito did, for instance, that he is "Elvis best friend." Larry was never arrogant to say something like that. Sure, he could have spared everybody from some of the most outlandish stories he had with Elvis. But I don't doubt they did occur. After all, Elvis had and shared the same interests as Larry. Never forget about that. That's why they instantly clicked when they met. Elvis had other hairdressers before.
Steve V wrote on February 07, 2008
I dont think anyone has problems with Larry personally. He seems like a nice guy. Its just that this is his third book, all basically with the same theme (His Spiritual Journey, If I can Dream, etc). Story once told, that's enough. What is the point of another book?