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Elvis' Three Original Gospel Albums Expanded And Remastered

January 29, 2008 | Music
From the Legacy Recordings website: Elvis' Three Original Gospel Albums Expanded and Remastered in stores March 11, 2008

Elvis grew up listening to gospel music and over the years he evolved from a faithful interpreter to a cutting edge pioneer of the genre. His fervor was duly acknowledged with three Grammy awards and with standing ovations every time he performed "How Great Thou Art" at his shows. To this day Gospel albums are some of the best selling Elvis titles. Elvis' million selling first gospel LP from 1960. HIS HAND IN MONE represents one of the many proud moments of Elvis' career. Elvis' second Gospel album HOW GREAT THOU ART was released in 1967 and won a Grammy. The 1972 release of Elvis' third and last original gospel album. HE TOUCHED ME earned him a Grammy.
Source:Legacy Records: Discover Elvis
EspenK wrote on January 30, 2008
"cutting edge pioneer of the genre" - oh please... I'm a fan and think his gospel recordings are good, but "cutting edge"? Hardly. "Faithfully traditional" better describes it.
Tony D. wrote on January 31, 2008
May as well wait for the superior FTD special editions of these.
Greg Nolan wrote on February 03, 2008
Espen, okay, I hear you on the "cutting edge" point but how about "arguably the best gospel recordings of all time"? >grin< Tony, as far as the FTDs, sure, but for the general public, I love the idea of keeping these titles in print and in premium modern editions with better sound, etc. And if the FTD's delay too long, you know that some of us will pick 'em via these main-label titles -and Sony/BMG, of course, knows that too.