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Director Dwight Hemion Has Died

February 01, 2008 | People
Dwight Hemion, who directed the 1977 CBS Special "Elvis In Concert" has died aged 81. Dwight Hemion created a legacy of television specials, with an exhaustive list of shows featuring Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Pavarotti, Sammy Davis Jr., John Wayne, Barbara Streisand and Ann Margret.
He was the record-holder for the most Emmy Award nominations; 47 winning 18, and five Directors Guild of America Awards. He was a pioneer in televised concerts and variety specials. For much of his career he worked closely with producer Gary Smit.
The "Elvis In Concert" special was filmed just six weeks before the singer’s death and although the show was original broadcast on television, it has never been officially released on video or DVD.
SendToTodd wrote on February 01, 2008
When Dwight Hemion got the deal to make Elvis in Concert for CBS there was a summit meeting at 6363 Sunset when the network chiefs gathered before Colonel Parker to "make the deal". They asked to meet Elvis, but the Colonel said that the deal was for them to film Elvis, not to meet him. The Colonel took everyone out for lunch, but there was a bakers strike in LA. Joe Esposito had to find a burger restaurant that baked it's own buns. The Colonel treated 12 of the biggest heads on entertainment in Hollywood to a burger, and the only concession that he made was that the 200 Brits who were to see the concerts in Cincinnatti and Indianpolis were to receive a free "Elvis In Concert" hat from CBS in return for their appearance in the programme. Dwight Hemion thought that the deal was neat. A super guy who played the game with the Colonel.
My boy, my boy wrote on February 02, 2008
Had he met Elvis as he wanted instead of just "filming" him upon Colonel's request, Dwight would have had a shock. A sad one since Elvis was so not in his best condition (physically and mentally). Colonel knew this and maybe that's why he didn't want his famous client to be exposed a little too much.... The unpredictable aspect of Elvis's mood swings in the last few years was most likely one of the reasons why the Colonel never agreed for any further official press conferences after MSG in 1972 + those for Aloha. Although for that one in particular in NYC , Elvis left us with a marvelous piece of souvenir cause he's absolutely amazing while answering the NY press before those June 72 concerts....