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Blue Moon Craze On eBay

January 31, 2008 | Music

On eBay you can bid on a copy of Elvis' classic "Blue Moon" on the RCA Victor label. The starting bid is US $2,500,000.00. If you win you'll need to pay an additional US $20 for shipping. You have time to bid on item 250209261202 until February 2nd, 2008.

Lex wrote on January 31, 2008
I know the exchange rate of the dollar $tink$... but isn't this a bit overdone?
Sean Ryan wrote on January 31, 2008
Well the person who put the starting bid as $2.5million has done that for one obvious reason, publicity.Sadly, he has got it.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on January 31, 2008
This is silly but it is also very sad because people have been buying Sun singles on E-bay left and right and about 85 percent of them are boot legs, and or re-issues (Not re-issued bu sun records) yes we are surrounded by very stupid elvis people who have no idea what they are buying.
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 31, 2008
Just think how many Joe Tunzi books you could buy for that sort of money...at least three.
Jerome wrote on February 01, 2008
you can buy the whole Sunstudio for that kind of money..
Steve V wrote on February 01, 2008
Another ebay seller with zero feedback and a ridiculous Elvis listing. I see this happen all the time. There is another one out there selling a beat up Elvis In Concert LP for over a million bucks! He has a -2 rating. I sent both of these sellers a question asking the obvious - why? Of course got no repsone. They are a disgrace to the collecting world.
Mark S. wrote on February 01, 2008
Steve V: FIVE million dollars to be exact. Sellers description: "The record is 2 record set it is a one shape went he die i did not play them no more .i selling them for 5 millon dollar he been die over 30 years or a best off so you can contact me at (...) or call me at (...) like to her from you soon ok it is a very good record a one shape." What a dumb *##*!
theoldscudder wrote on February 01, 2008
Give this dopey b-----d a break. It will cost him at least that much for his much needed spelling & grammer classes.
Elvisnites wrote on February 01, 2008
What is really interesting about this is on e-bay it shows it was recorded on 7/6/54 RCA black label. I was under the impression that Elvis did not sign with RCA until November, 1955. Is someone trying to pull our leg or is there something I don't know. :-)
Elvisnites wrote on February 01, 2008
Oh ye, lets add to this joke. $20.00 for shipping and handling. Would you have something shipped through the mail you just paid 2 and 1/2 million dollars for?