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That's All Right Duet Remix

January 24, 2008 | Music

The next Memphis Recording Service (UK) venture is a dance remix of ‘That’s All Right’ with Elvis Presley and Lucy Clark. It will be released on 29th January 2008 and exclusively available on Music Download Stores around the world (with the exception of the USA).

You can listen to a preview on the Memphis Recording Service Site.

From the press release:

The remix includes vocals by the sensational US singer Lucy Clark who was originally discovered in the 1980’s by Les Paul and has recorded with the likes of ‘Johnny Cash’ , Reggae artists ‘Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare’, ‘Keith Richards’, ‘Bon Jovi’ and many more.  For more information on Lucy you can visit www.memphisrecordingservice.com for this and for details and sample of the new release.  

The new remix is produced by Bob Harris and Clark Enslin (Johnny Cash, "The Great Lost Performance) Executive Producer Joseph Pirzada and is remixed by US producer Bob Harris and Mastered by Real Bouwman (MRS Release: New York RCA Studio 1).

Also available for download, is an extended 9 minute dance version and of course, the original dry version from 1954.

During February, Lucy Clark will be doing a Radio and TV tour of Europe to promote her duet with Elvis and a music video will begin shooting in New York and in New Jersey next week.

In the meantime there is no set date for a physical release except for the download stores.

However, EXCLUSIVE FOR ELVIS FANS wanting to hear a special preview of the mix can do so on Elvis Express Radio www.elvis-express.com where it will have its WORLD PREMIERE on Friday 25th January.

The links for the Music Download stores will be announced on day of release next week, so stay tuned. 

Source:Memphis Recording Service

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Lex wrote on January 24, 2008
This deserves death penalty!
secondrichard wrote on January 24, 2008
Don't be so mild, Lex. There must be a punishment worse than the death penalty for this...... It's awful, terrible and everything negative you can come up with. One more thing like this and the Elvis legacy is completely ruined.....
benny scott wrote on January 24, 2008
Mr.Pirzada, what's goin' on ? Lost your mind ? After the splendid SUN-period releases this must be a joke. April Fool's day is still 66 days away.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 24, 2008
Viva wrote on January 24, 2008
Oh Jesus, what on earth is going on? I'm all for re-mixes but this is just an affront to The King. I also agree with benny scott, how the hell can you go from top class releases like "Tupelo's Own" and "MRS" to such an offensive insult to Elvis. Lucy Clark? Who the hell is she? Apart from a Lilo Lil lookalike with more hair than talent of course. Memphis Recording Service have gone from respectable, high quality producer to a second-rate karaoke disco in one fell swoop. I have just heard the sample, and thank the lord it only lasted a few seconds. Awful, simply awful. An absolute insult to Elvis and the most important single recording in history.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on January 24, 2008
This is terrible if this had happened in 1954 there would have never been a SUN 209, if Sam C Phillips is hearing this he's gotta be spinning in his grave like a HOG at at Texas Cooking Contest. Its time for a statement from Knox Phillips because this has put the Sun Sound at its worst point since Sam released Georgie Klein's record UT party 1 and 2.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on January 24, 2008
I noticed they said also available the Original Dry Version, what is this Version going to be called ?when one sound after another drowns out the original sound, Maybe it sounds better under water maybe it would have sounded better if i had not listened to it at all.
Elvisnites wrote on January 24, 2008
I like remixes too, but from the small sample heard, they can keep it. The music was good. Now, if they remove her voice, they might have something.
Tony D. wrote on January 25, 2008
This remix lark is getting ridiculous when it comes to some unknown singing over the top of an historical recording.
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 25, 2008
Joseph Pirzada is now well and truly showing his true colours. He's in it for the money - pure and simple. Perhaps the rest of you will see this now. After stealing BMG outtakes for his recent 'New York Rip Off' package, he's now resorted to this pile of excrement. He's a damn disgrace. Joseph, if you're reading this - please take your 'remix' and shove it up your back passage. By the way, will you be paying taxes on it? Or perhaps you did a cash deal with the screaching nobody with the big hair? Just who in the hell do you think you are?
Steve V wrote on January 25, 2008
Glad I never bought any of his products. I always sensed a cheap rip-off quality to them. This is awful. You dont remix possibly the most historic recording ever made and then have a nobody duet on top of it. Sort of makes the duet with Celine Dion seem like Beethoven's 5th.
elviskid80 wrote on January 25, 2008
Not So bad Its Pretty Cool Actually And I Happen To Like The Ciline Dion Duet Its 2008 People Give It A Rest Jeesh Elvis Is Gone Its Not That Bad Hes Not God Its Not The Bible For Christ Sake
Kenneth wrote on January 25, 2008
elviskid80, you would be surprised how many people would give you an argument on the GOD thing.
Lex wrote on January 25, 2008
Kenneth, you're right... if it was god, I couldn't care less. It's one of Elvis greatest records they are screwing, that's even worse than a keyboard that starts every word with a capital. I already had my doubts with colorized b/w pictures. Indeed this underlines that JP is only in for the money, not for the sake of Elvis at all. Hopefully Sony/BMG succeeds in kicking his ass! Mama, it won't be allright until he's flat, broke and busted!
ElvisDayByDay wrote on January 25, 2008
Never thought I would skip an Elvis release ...
Jerry 79 wrote on January 25, 2008
Another re-mix - what for?
Jerome wrote on January 25, 2008
In a few decades his entire catalogue will be remixed, no escape from it..
Rick Mercoa wrote on January 25, 2008
I'm impressed how many of you judge over a totally new song on which "That’s alright” vocals of Elvis have been used. Especially, when you here only 20 seconds. NOBODY can judge a mix in 20 sec when basically nothing can be heard. That’s what I call judging a book by its cover. Of course some of you don't like any change of an Elvis song, but let’s face it do you want Elvis in the charts BIG TIME, you need modern answers to the music nowadays. This release is a download only an intended to general public and not an Elvis fans only release. Please keep in mind that Little less conversation, Rubberneckin’, Baby let's play house, are also redone. How many NEW fans didn't it attract? My advice is listen to the radio release Friday and give opinion when you know what you’re talking about. It’s funny, every time when Elvis came with something new they also reacted this way. And when it hit the stage prejudice melted as snow in the sun. History repeats itself.
Lex wrote on January 25, 2008
Rick, yeah, of course... you will find tons of general public on Elvis Express Radio :-). Personally I can't care less if stuff like this hits the charts or not. It has nothing to do with Elvis. That's the error you make, it's a bit the same like judging a book by its cover. Although I didn't like ALLC and Rubberneckin' remixed, I could hear they had something. BLPH and this one just stink.
CharlieRogers wrote on January 25, 2008
While I agree that it is sometimes impossible to judge a song by a twenty second snippet I think in this case you can pretty much tell what the whole ghastly thing will sound like! I personally wouldn’t mind the odd re-mix if it's done well; there are some excellent Presley vocal tracks that frankly have a very inferior (dare I say dated) backing track and/or have backing vocals that on occasion drown Elvis out or are just plain annoying. This is why I prefer several of the outtakes to the original masters as some of the more intrusive over-dubs/arrangements/vocal backing aren't there! Don’t get me wrong, the Jordinaires have their place, but I would love to hear the “backing vocals” taken off or at least reduced on some of the classic Presley vocal tracks, for example Hound Dog, Don’t Be Cruel, When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again, Big Hunk O' Love, Ain't That Loving You Baby or the rather more obscure Danny or In Your Arms. Although I really like How Do You Think I Feel the backing is a little odd to say the least, or how about replacing that bizarre sounding guitar on Slowly But Surely with something a little less grating? Can you imagine Blue River with a different-feeling and different-sounding backing? While I love them as they are and wouldn’t want to be without the original versions, this and many other songs with a sympathetic re-mix/overdubbing could be really strong and, if not contemporary, at least not as dated as some sound at present. Keep the originals for us fans, but for a “new” audience why not?
Boduke wrote on January 25, 2008
I don`t think you like it (Elvis quote in "thats the way it is" 1970 about a song of B.J. Thommas).
ger wrote on January 25, 2008
I like remixs but is bad remix of a bad song
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 25, 2008
A "bad song", Ger? Have you lost your mind? Twice? What's your idea of a good song? 'This Is Our Dance'? And believe me, 20 seconds is more than enough to work out that this is a piece of C-R-A-P. Nothing more, nothing less.
Emiel Maier wrote on January 25, 2008
On another website you can hear a little bit more of the song. Instead of 20 seconds, you can hear 27 seconds. And I think it rocks! And folks out there: from now on it you can expect a lot of more remixes. 50 years have passed and songs loose their rights and remixes start to surface. Last year Spankox did a good job on Baby Let's Play House, and now Joseph Pirzada did That's Allright Mama. You better get used to it, whether you like it or not. It is just the same with ETA's: I don't like them either, but I better get used to them because it looks like you cannot avoid them in the media. Finally, try to look at it from a positive view: when Elvis-songs would not be remixed it would mean that Elvis would be 'dead' (and only live on in the hearts of us fans). These remixes show that Elvis still alive and his music is challenging enough to bring it up to today's standards.
emjel wrote on January 25, 2008
I too don't have too much of a problem with this. It's not like anyone has erased the original - you still have it on all kinds of releases - nobody is forcing you to buy this. If it get's the kids of today or anyone else for that matter becoming more interested in Elvis's amazing recording legacy, then that's fine.
My boy, my boy wrote on January 25, 2008
de jong, FYI Elvis's quote back then was rather "I don't particularly like it" :p (which would have probably been his own comment today if he heard this new version of "that's all right")
loftmanuk wrote on January 25, 2008
I have no objections to the remix songs. I thought that Rubbernecking and ALLC were good, and I think that Baby lets play house is ok too. What I don't like though is a bad remix and I'm afraid after hearing the full version my conclusion is ,this is not good. If youre going to remix an Elvis song its got to be good. I thought this effort was poor. Sorry
Elvisnites wrote on January 26, 2008
To me there is a big difference between a remix and a duet. I agree with CharlieRogers. There are alot of songs that could use new music and background vocals. Some of the songs I listen to I think Elvis' voice is fantastic, the background, not so much. I would like to hear more remixes. If you listen to songs like In The Ghetto and Kentucky Rain where he used different musicans and background vocalist, you can really hear the difference. Duets are an entirely different animal. You hear someone trying to sing with Elvis. Thats just not going to happen. It makes me shutter. You can keep your duets, but I will take new remixes. JMO
Devon wrote on January 26, 2008
Big Deal....
Viva wrote on January 26, 2008
The bottom line is this isn't a re-mix. This is a cheap and nasty, second rate, sub standard, bland, amateur, disrespectful joke of a duet created by morons for morons. Nothing more, nothing less. ALLC, Rubberneckin' (and possibly BLPH) were all done with class, intelligence, skill and most importantly respect, only adding a contemporary backing to great songs. The only thing this adds to That's All Right is a whining old bint with a hair and make up fixation. This effort is nothing short of a cash-in, made to feed the egos of those involved. I don't care if I have judged it on a 20 second snippet: Had I listened to any more I would have bled to death through my ears. The harmonies are laughable and the added vocal sounds no different to my mum singing in the shower. I especially like the build up of "...will have its WORLD PREMIERE on Friday 25th January..." what a pretentious cock. Oh yeah, the world of entertainment is almost wetting itself at the very thought of this release. Clearly this is the most anticipated musical event since since I farted in the bath to the tune of God Save The Queen.
Lefty wrote on January 26, 2008
How awful! This is way below the Memphis Recording Studio level of excellence. I hope they lose their shirt on this one just to teach them a lesson. Who buys this stuff anyway? Why is it that Elvis related crap has a market?
JerryNodak wrote on January 26, 2008
CharlieRogers: Thank goodness you're not in charge of anything, Elvis.
JerryNodak wrote on January 26, 2008
Jerome: In a few decades I'll be either very old or very dead. Either way, I won't care.
Lex wrote on January 26, 2008
Anyone who needs the full 20 seconds to hear it totally stinks, needs either a hearing aid or is very slow mentally.
Rick Mercoa wrote on January 27, 2008
I just listen to the show (you can download it) to hear the whole song and I really like it. What I was surprised about were the many comments left by fans on the show’s home page. It appears to be a 99% turn around of positive reactions compared to the ones I see here. I guess listen to a 20 sec or a whole song makes a difference…….One comment which points out the key point, I noticed on there was that of a 14 year old girl. I will place it here and assume it is OK to do so, but I think this really proves the point of what MRS are trying to do. To create new and younger generation of fans. And these fans are download fans. To both you and me, we always prefer to have the items in our hands and yet MRS are not doing that, knowing that this will appeal to those fans as it has and will direct to. Is this really ruining his legacy? Hmm well, can’t see how all these comments seen on this site appear to prove this. Except of just one of the many comments:…..(26.01.08)Kara from Southampton. I am a younger fan (14) and have just heard the new remix 'That’s All Right, Dance All Night' which I thought was great. I know that remixes are not for all but myself and my friends do actually like the new sounds and I can assure you that it was an Elvis remix that got me interested in Elvis and the same goes for many of my friends. Check the other comments of who heard it, its amazing howmany new and younger fans like it. I'm happy Elvis fits in this era too.
Lex wrote on January 27, 2008
Yep, besides the people that need a hearing aid, you also have those that like anything with the name Elvis on it. That's why this stinking crap is released and eventually makes profit too.
Richard Malden wrote on January 27, 2008
I am reading the elvis-news here for some time now and getting shocked how people attack (especially the people behind the elvisnews website) a music label. And being very unfair by taking it out on the founder. A NEWS site should be neutral and with polls like “ should The Memphis Recording Service should be prosecuted for ruining "That's All Right, Mama". Why not a neutral poll like should “Music companies how ruin classic recording being prosecuted “. That’s a reasonable poll and includes also all these other mixes (good or bad). This is not journalism, I can’t understand the remarks about getting MRS broke, did you forget about tupelo ‘own already. Anybody is free to give their opinion but when also being responsible for the news on this site, you’ll should pay more attention to what Elvis said at the press conference NY, “I keep my personal views to myself”. That’s what I call being responsible, knowing that you can’t abuse your influence to cloud other people’s opinions. I subscribed today because this is not fair towards anybody and it had to be said. God bless.
Viva wrote on January 27, 2008
Oh I see, even though some (if not most) of us think this release is a disgrace and an insult to the individual who we all place immense importance in our lives we are not allowed to say anything about it in case someone gets upset about it? No thank you, I'd rather have the freedom to say what I want on probably the only site which allows diversity of opinion. Also, I would love to vote on your "Neutral poll", but I don't understand a word of it. With regards to the track "That's all Sh*te", if anyone thinks that this pile of tripe will generate younger fans just because it's a download only, then you are forgetting one small detail: The track is awful and anyone who likes it must be dead from the ears down.
roger wilson wrote on January 28, 2008
Well said Richard. In could not agree more. This track is certainly no worse than BLPH in fact I like this better. It seems all this is a attack on an individual that did not do the mix in the first place. Yes Joseph has come out with some outstanding work, yet from the press release he did not even do the mix. If kids like it how can it be a bad thing. I checked on the eer home page and yes Rick you are correct It does look like most people do like it and the point of the 14 year old girl does also prove a point that elvis does have to be mixed. If one does not like it fair enough but the way this news service is going it appears they are behind the whole thing. We all know that Lex below is a part of the running of this news site as well but to put a silly poll up when there are in fact people that like it seems strange. Maybe the poll should be as Richard said, or even get to te main point being. Is TAR remix any good? Yes or No. Can anyone tell me if this site is run by the same people who run FECC?
John Burrows wrote on January 28, 2008
i think Richard has made good points too. I am surprised no one has picked up on the fact that this is the only news site that has been 100% negative. Thanks to a few investigators on this site I too have seen the comments on eer and also gone further on ultimate elvis and tcb world mb and the response is 100% turn around to this. If it is true that Lex is part of this site and is posting comments then this poll is useless. Ruining is a matter of opinion. So the ? must be first if one likes it or not. That should be the poll. Not elvisnews hates it so must you, shall he shoot this guy or lynch him. This is a clear attack on an individual that did not even do the mix in the first place and seems to be done by someone in the US. I myself dont care for the mix one way or the other and I prefer to have a product in my hands. But that’s me and I am not going to shoot someone if they want to download it. But if this remix helps his name it cant be a bad thing. I mean everyone knows its a remix so how can something be ruining his legacy. If it helps bring in a new generation why are these guys knocking it. Maybe they think elvis belongs to them, and when they die they want elvis to die with them. Are these really elvis fans. Sounds selfish. If they loved elvis you would want him to go on wouldnt you. So whats the plan to do this. Young people today may laugh at elvis but this way they can then discover and go and find the real elvis if they like mix. Why does this site not do a more worthy poll. Are remixes good for the long term Gevity of elvis? yes or no. its not about pleasing the fans , its about keeping elvis in the limelight. As far as bmg goes, thier best idea for new fans on this is to release another greatest hits release and spend no money. One must face facts here, elvis is for everyone, not just the fans.
Elvisnites wrote on January 28, 2008
John Burrowe, you have not been on every site. A site I frequent quite often does not like this "duet" either. They are not as vocal as the individuals who post on this site, but never the less its not welcomed. I think your missing the point that several of us have, which is, this is a "duet" not an Elvis remix. I like remixes, if you care to read my post. Her voice is not harmonies with Elvis. No ones voice is harmonies with Elvis. They can't match his rich vocals. If you wish to promote Elvis remixes, then promote Elvis as a single singer, not with an individual to be named later. The other site I visit are for remixes, not "duets". Big difference. Elvis' voice does not need to be pollutated with someone trying to sound like they are as good as Elvis. And who is being permoted, Elvis or the person he's singing with. Elvis is no ones backup singer or stepping stone. This site is all about giving your opinion, which should include Lex and Kees. We do not always see eye to eye with them and they are told about it. Everyone on this site has a right to their opinions and the right to say so, even if its not laced with flowers and dollies. At least their honest. JMO
Viva wrote on January 28, 2008
Well said Elvisnites. I am also getting fed up with this track being placed in the category of Re-mix. I love many of the re-mixes and think they are the most productive way of getting new fans into the fold. The track we are discussing is just an awful attempt to cash in on the increasing popularity of re-mixes, but fails because it isn't one: It's nothing short of a Karaoke disc. In reality all of this discussion is a bit of a waste of time because no one outside of these forums will even notice this track exists, let alone witness its failure. If there are other sites out there which show more positive opinions about the track, then it is surely a good thing that there is diversity of opinion. But to accuse this site of trying to brainwash it's readership is an insult to the intelligence of the fans who visit this site, and in case you hadn't noticed if Elvisnews was the dictatorship some people seem to think it is then you wouldn't be able to post your contradictory views in any case! The bottom line is this: It appears that the majority of people who have posted comments on this site cannot stand what has been done to "That's All Right", just because you don't like that opinion does not mean you have to question the integrity of those who run ElvisNews. I am quite sure that if some of the negative comments posted on here were presented to the other sites mentioned, they would not allow them because of that negativity, which makes them un-democratic, less independant and more guilty of trying to influence the readership than anyone. Oh, and just for good measure: The MRS version of "That's all Right" is simply awful. That is MY opinion.
CharlieRogers wrote on January 28, 2008
I think JohnBurrows, Elvisnites and Viva are all spot on. TAR is not a remix but a bad fake "duet" period (IMHO). I think some people have a bad opinion of remixes because of what has gone before with ALLC and RubberN and BLPH. To my mind these are at the extreme end of "remixes" as they change the song quite dramatically and deliberately use "modern" synth sounds to try and make an "old" track sound contemporary to appeal to the "youth"! Well not all remixes have to do this! I'm sorry JerryNordak, but some of Elvis' backing tracks and backing vocals were not perfect, many of them were done quite hurriedly and not with love or respect but just to get Elvis product out asap. I don't think Elvis always had the final say as to exactly how a record would sound after overdubs etc, and even if Elvis was happy with how they sounded then, times have changed and instruments and arrangements that were cutting edge and modern then now can make a song sound very dated indeed. I would prefer to hear a "stripped down" version with maybe, if the song sounded a little empty, a slightly enhanced bass or subtly overdubbed guitar/piano etc where appropriate but not synth sounds added to “appeal to the youth” making it sound like a computer game! I say let Elvis' voice breath on his own with no added fake "duet" (and less backing singers) and be truly heard and loved in the twenty first century!
Viva wrote on January 29, 2008
I've noticed a fatal error in the plans of MRS. They have made it "download only", but they have neglected to take account of the fact that the kind of person who would actually pay real money for this release would simply not have the ability to download anything. In fact I'd be amazed if they could turn on the computer in the first place.
Matt W wrote on January 29, 2008
Quite the "arguable mess" eh?
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 30, 2008
A veritable plethora of horse droppings. I say we burn Joseph Pirzada at the stake.
ger wrote on January 31, 2008
ITS Still Elvis > I've heard it few times and its better than the Elvis original
Viva wrote on January 31, 2008
ger: You are clearly in need of help. Please see a psychiatrist or an ear specialist immediately, I am very concerned for your wellbeing.
Harvey Alexander wrote on February 04, 2008
Hey Ger! Do they let you have crayons with a point on?