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More Classic Concert Re-issues

January 26, 2008 | Music
In cooperation with the Southern Comfort / Baxter / Bilko and 2001 import labels the Audionics label will re-issue several old bootleg classics. The "Request Box" 2CD set will be released March 2008 after which Elvis' March 22, 1975 concert, "A Hot Winter Night", "Goodbye Memphis 76" and April Fool Day (audience recording), "Opening Night 72" and others will see the light. All releases will be remastered from the original tapes, some of which obtained from The Colonel himself.

The Audionics team will take care of the audio restoration and remastering while the Baxter / Bilko / 2001 team will do the design of the booklets.
I Saw the Light wrote on January 26, 2008
It's good thing that some old popular bootlegs will hit the market again. Only thing that bothers me is that Audionics team will take care of audio restoration. On 'El Goes El Paso' they didn't do anything with the sound, no remastering,no restoration. I stopped buying their products since then. (my copy of 'High Voltage' is on the way, though)
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 26, 2008
How about Brightest star on sunset blvd 1 & 2? thatssomething Ftd will never comes close to,anyone else on board with me?
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 27, 2008
Fantastic news! Mature,i'm with you,they HAVE TO re-release Brightest star vol. 1 & 2 and also Get Down And Get With It! BMG/FTD will never give us a complete rehearsal,because they are .ss....s,you know. This is why we have to buy 25 cd's to get a rehearsal -> bits and pieces here and there. A few tracks on Platinum,a few tracks on TTWII 3cd set,a few tracks on TTWIW cd-book combo,several tracks on One Night In Vegas FTD,a few tracks on the Peace In The Walley 3cd set,a few tracks on the 70's 5cd set,several tracks on the EAP Silver Box 4cd set etc.,etc.,etc. They destroy Elvis legacy. Fortunately there are a few great illegal labels like Fort Baxter,2001,Audionics who give us what we want!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 27, 2008
I agree 100%,surely fans know that complete rehearsals and may other cool cd's will never come to pass with Ftd,keep the real music coming!
japio wrote on January 27, 2008
This time i have to say you're right. For the whole 100 % . I'm glad that these guys release some classics again. its great news for the new fans and for the fans they missed the first edtioins. And FTD "must"release a complete reharsals,Shows and bring not pieces or edited versions NOTE: get down with it (Fort Baxter) is also not complete. It is edited and missed some songs
benny scott wrote on January 27, 2008
This is great news ! I missed a lot of the original import-releases. Now I'll have a chance to buy 'em, and I don't care if they're re-releases .The music, that's the most important. Always El.
ext_mnx wrote on January 28, 2008
Lefty wrote on January 29, 2008
Simply fantastic! I'm looking forward to most of these releases. Indeed 2008 looks like it will be a good year.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 06, 2008
A final thought on the rehearsals,Ftd doesnt have any reason or excuses that can justify not releasing such a project,not to say they wont(but i doubt it)the main label i can kinda see but not with a collectors label,and dont hit the edit button ernst!
Theo wrote on February 08, 2008
FTD already did one cd with only rehearsals (Elvis On Tour - The Rehearsals), which covered the March 31, 1972 rehearsal pretty well, although it's still missing some alternate takes and false starts. And for other rehearsals we only have bits & pieces spread over several cd's. I agree with you mature. I don't see what reason there can be for FTD not to release complete rehearsals. I hope they get around to it, even though most might have been previously released on imports. I'll buy 'em!
Theo wrote on February 08, 2008
Also both the Burbank dressing room rehearsals have been released in their entirety on FTD.