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Elvis Hour On Radio Caroline

January 25, 2008 | Other
From Tuesday 12th February, and weekly thereafter Todd Slaughter's Elvis Hour can now be heard on Radio Caroline at 5.00pm (18.00 CET). The show can be accessed world-wide on www.radiocaroline.co.uk, across the UK on Sky Channel 0199, throughout Ireland on NTL, and across Europe on the Eurobird 1, 28.5 East, Frequency 11.390 V. The show is also carried on the Worldspace Satellite Radio Network, and transmittted live on a number of European FM stations.

"Over the years my Elvis show has been axed by so many broadcasters when they lower their audience profile that I've lost count. When I was "rested" by Radio London - Big L, I was invited to "jump ship" and join the Radio Caroline team. I auditioned unsuccessfully for Caroline in the 60's, was offered a job when they went illegal, but two days after the Marine Offences Bill became law I took over the Elvis Presley Fan Club, so I stayed on land. Radio Caroline is the world's most well know radio brand, and I am honoured to be presenting Elvis to their massive audience. Being an album station I don't have to repeat the "hits", so my researcher Vicky Molloy will have a free hand to pick the tracks."
Source:Todd Slaughter
stu wrote on January 26, 2008
Good luck with it Todd. Looking forward to hearing your show. You've been a great friend to the Elvis community for so long and I for one am very grateful.
Tony D. wrote on January 27, 2008
I enjoyed the BIG L shows, but could always tell which you were using for each show. Would it be possible to vary the shows a bit more on the new station by maybe being allowed to use more than just 2 CD's on each programme?