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UK Year-end Charts

January 14, 2008 | Music

2007 is over, time to look back at Elvis'UK chart success. On the 2007 Bestselling UK Album Artists Elvis is the #10 best selling artist in the UK.

On the singles chart Elvis ranks at #27 with sales of 328,373 singles. If there would have been a chart  on most singles on the chart in one year Elvis would probably have topped that with 18 entries.

On the DVD chart Elvis is listed at #21 with the "Comeback Special" DVD and #27 with "The King Of Rock And Roll" compilation DVD.

Top 10 Albums:

1 Amy Winehouse 2,196,362
2 Leona Lewis 1,550,039
3 Take That 1,485,390
4 Mika 1,174,177
5 Westlife 1,146,556
6 Michael Buble 832,137
7 Eagles 822,000
8 The Killers 795,280
9 Foo Fighters 755,155
10 Elvis Presley 740,901

japio wrote on January 14, 2008
Well,well. Elvis is still a big name today.So why we need a remix ? . The cdsingles sold very well over a few years we hear nothing more from same names in the list. While re-releases of Classic singles became hits. Or can't i say that here ,because some guys don't like the same releases again. But and they want to tell what to like or not to like (or buy)
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 14, 2008
Well said, Japio. Remixes are novelty releases and nothing more. I wouldn't have one in my house because they have nothing to do with Elvis. Just some saddo with a computer who thinks he's a musician. Jeez...
ger wrote on January 14, 2008
we need remixes .Elvis only gets in the charts because we sados keep buying the same old same old time after time we make Elvis a Joke
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 15, 2008
And you don't think a computer / robotic Elvis is a joke? Pump, pump, pump, pump up the volume! Gotta get Elvis across to the homies. Chuck that credibility right out the window, boy!
ger wrote on January 15, 2008
Brian Quinn wrote on January 15, 2008
Great result. The future for Elvis is definately remixes. I would like to see whole albums remixed. The generations of today demand up to date sounds and I don't blame them. Bring it on.
Steve V wrote on January 15, 2008
I think there is room for both. Orig classics and remixes can both make the charts. The success of ALLC & Rubberneckin proved remixes work. Its not like they bastardized Elvis classics there. These were songs known only to mostly Elvis fans. When the remixes came out , it brought him a whole new audience. I know kids who got into Elvis' orig music because of those 2 remixes and thats not a bad thing. I'm for remixes but of lesser known Elvis songs. I think they can work and bring these little known songs (and Elvis) to a brand new public both young & old.
emjel wrote on January 15, 2008
No I don't have a problem with remixes. It's not like someone is going to erase the whole of Elvis' recording legacy. You'll still have the originals, and no one is forcing you to buy the remixes if you don't want to. For me, it's a better way of getting Elvis into the charts instead of the same 9000 fans buying a track they've probably already got, and the to stick it on the shelf as soon as it's out of the paper bag.