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Elvis Viva Las Vegas Australian Release

January 16, 2008 | Music
Sony BMG will release the Elvis Viva Las Vegas soundtrack CD in Australia. At this time they are planning this for March 1st as long as production proceeds without any problems.
Source:Elvis Australia

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dannyboy1 wrote on January 16, 2008
Oooo, I'll be in line to buy one - NOT. Sorry, but an Elvis compilation these days needs some sort of topical thread, a new angle, maybe a few unreleased performances and at least a nice picture on the cover. This CD has nothing to offer.
Ken in Tasmania wrote on January 16, 2008
Does this mean that the TV Special will be seen on Australian Television before the release of the CD, otherwise no one would know what the CD is all about ???
Elvisnites wrote on January 17, 2008
Save your money. What you see in this clip is as good as it gets. Maybe 5 more minutes of Elvis, then alot of other people singing his songs, and not well I might add.