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Priscilla Says 2008 Is A Year Of Surprises

January 09, 2008 | Other
Central guest at the annual cutting of the Birthday Cake this year, was Priscilla Presley who attended the ceremony for the first time. Priscilla thanked the many fans (over a thousand showed up) and promised to make this year "a year of surprises". We all want you to come back, she said, "so therefore we know what to do." One of the first (small) changes takes place in the raquetball building next month, when the "load of gold" of 2007 is added to the Golden Record Collection.
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 09, 2008
The big surprise is going to be that EPE and Boxtox are going to merge this year. Then she can get her fixes at cost price!
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on January 09, 2008
Surprisingly, we will get neither Elvis On Tour nor Elvis In Concert on DVD. But the real surprise will be the cessation of the FTD label because of a reorganization within Sony/BMG. However, others claim the new marriage of Lisa Marie to be the bigger surprise. But one question remains thrilling till the very end of 2008: will there be issued a Christmas song compilation as so many of us are hoping for?
Viva wrote on January 09, 2008
Oooh goody, another year of products bearing the now unsuprising catchphrase of "For the first time ever..." I wonder what it'll be this year... The first Elvis Presley statuette to feature a removable dog whistle? A new range of ashtrays? The first Elvis album to feature all his number ones in reverse order, with a special de-lux edition containing them in the right order? A new section of the ultimate tribute artist competition which will feature a 40 stone and over weight division? Of course they could really suprise us all by actually putting out a product which is of a high quality and relevant to Elvis' talent, but that's just being silly.
Steve V wrote on January 09, 2008
I've given up on On Tour, but how about an Anthology DVD set similar to the one done on The Bealtes. Why is this so hard to do? It just a freakin biography with footage!
Good Time Charlie wrote on January 10, 2008
LOL Viva, that's excatly how i understud 'A Year Of Surprises' phrase. It make cold chills down my spine.
Good Time Charlie wrote on January 10, 2008
Well, understood - i wasn't under - stud...lol.
Ton Bruins wrote on January 10, 2008
A year of surprises ? I wonder if that is good news...surprises can also be negative surprises...
Jerome wrote on January 10, 2008
Oh how silly! She's misquoted.. She actually said 2008: A year of Reprises.. and she confirmed one rumour, all releases this year get slipcases..
Pedro Nuno wrote on January 10, 2008
The BIG Surprise of 2008 is that The Beatles and Elvis Jam (of nearly two hours) that took place the 26 of August of 1965 in Elvis’s Bel Air Home, will be released this year in a deluxe CD and DVD, in a full cooperation between the E.P.E. and The Beatles estate! I was told the The king is supreme playing the bass and singing The Beatles "I feel fine"!
Jerry 79 wrote on January 10, 2008
Another Elvis talking head will be made??
japio wrote on January 10, 2008
what ??? do we get suprises. It's chritmas again ? . C,mon everybody . They lied again. Every year we get suprises. But not from E.P.E.
Ton Bruins wrote on January 10, 2008
Surprises for 2008: We will NOT get Elvis On Tour and Elvis In Concert 77 on DVD !
ElvisDayByDay wrote on January 10, 2008
Ton, that is not a surprise, that is a fact unfortunately ...
circleG wrote on January 10, 2008
you guys are SO funny, this thread has been hilarious. alas I have to agree with your comments .. :(
Herman wrote on January 10, 2008
Ha Ha ! I agree Ton Bruins !
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 11, 2008
I also have given up on On Tour,but would be nice to at least get a nice cd box set that is long overdue,but i understand that more useless compilations are needed,as for a anthology on Elvis,would that include something about the actual music of Elvis or just another he was born in tupelo and liked to give away cars story?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 11, 2008
By the way,cilla your not a widower,go get yourself married,and second Elvis is the most misused talent in msuic history!
JerryNodak wrote on January 13, 2008
All of you were so busy spewing your usual anti-Priscilla venom that you failed to take any note of (or chose to ignore) the important phrase in the story about "the load of gold" of 2007. Gold certifications for Elvis, be they new or upgrades, are a good thing.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 15, 2008
No i notised it,we must watch the way we pick on cilla boys, she has some fans here it seems,and of course shes not gonna loose that Presley name!
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on January 15, 2008
Whats the the suprise Pris? You gonna take off your Mask without all that Plastic, you must look like an old Johnny Cash's song a wrinkled crinkled wadded dollar bill
gbalaban wrote on January 21, 2008
Everyone has their opinions about her, but remember that Elvis did marry her and did love her right to the end. She may be using his name to get places, but she has a daughter and grandchildren who see her as grandma and we should think about the way we talk about her. This is just my opinion, but I know that I would be upset if someone talked about my mom and grandma like that. Sticks and stones everyone, but words do hurt. TCB!
ext_mnx wrote on January 23, 2008
What surprise! a new botox? that your daughter is fat and near to be forty? A DNA proof? that your granddaughter is not really a model, that grandson have other "surptise" or at last you will say that andreas or colonel put you as the bride´choise? She loves money, the 15 minutes of fame and botox, botox and more botox: The first (Small change) good thing will be erased her from Elvis Presley memory I´m not fool she never would be in so special moment ...wagner-beaulieu is an awful truh! and my grandmother, mother and children are very serious and love Elvis Presley deslike very much her for not to say other thing ... and Viva Elvis Presley!... Elvis Presley is only of God. The one and only is Elvis Presley and his real surprise: "Elvis on Tour".
mcdonnell wrote on January 23, 2008
Whatever you think about Priscilla.....remember this; without her we wouldn't be able to visit Graceland. I totally agree that there is a lot of tacky stuff on sale in the gift shops and EPE are out to make alot of money. But when you walk up the Drive, free of charge, first thing in the morning and get to sit my Elvis's graveside......that is priceless!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 23, 2008
Grandma why dont you get married? think they ever ask that?
ext_mnx wrote on January 24, 2008
Elvis Presley does not need any for to be something and this house does not need the help of priscilla wagner beaulieu. The house makes money for Elvis himself. Is more I will never visit graceland in my life. I will prefer respect Elvis Presley´s memory since where I live. Salutes priscilla ... excuse me: macdonell
ext_mnx wrote on January 24, 2008
And I want to see the suprise of botox in your face and garbage in epe.
ext_mnx wrote on January 24, 2008
the face of priscilla ann wagner beaulieu of course.
Steve V wrote on January 24, 2008
Leave her alone. Do you really think she is a bad person? She put up with a lot of crap for years. Ladies how would you like to be married with 10-12 guys hanging around all the time and know your husband is cheating on you? Never being allowed to grow as a person or eat at a fine restaurant with your husband, take in the theater and some culture? Visit Europe or even New York. Nice sceanrio right? Bottom line, Elvis should never have married anyone.
ext_mnx wrote on January 24, 2008
A new for 2008: Elvis never cheated on her. Elvis Presley never loved her. Once time she said I am very private person in other time he was with michael edwards with the breast on the air in picture sesion. Elvis never cheated on her I corret Elvis Presley never loved her ... Peter Guralnick lied. Elvis Presley wants some culture and one university and other persons never allowed him. And Peter Guralnick put the name of Jerry Schilling instead of Elvis Presley. Elvis wanted to visit other place but she and andreas never allowed him. The reality is written in Elvis from A to Z ... I guess and compare to the garbage of the book of peter guralnick. Nobody lied me about Elvis Presley must be the suprise of 2008. And ther surprise for 2008 Graceland was a choice of Vernon by phone and decorated by all (thompson, wagner beaylieu and other erson and the "place of andreas van kuij). Excuse me but she is the awful true for 2008 if she does not leave in peace Elvis Presley, she always will be the awful true for 2008!!! and for Elvis Presley viva!!!!
Steve V wrote on January 24, 2008
ext mnx - I have no idea what you said but Im sure you are an expert on the matter much more than Guralnick.
King Of Music wrote on January 24, 2008
First of all, I do not know what the H*ll, ext mnx is talking about, I think he is speaking a language not from this planet. Pricilla is doing a Fantastic Job and Elvis loved her very much and visa versa. As for suprises this year, from what I heard, we will be in for a great treat. I have heard from when I was in Memphis this august from some reputable sources that there will be a Complete Sun Package including a few *NEW* gems that were discovered..yes new never before heard tunes. Also a ON Tour package with newly discovered film never seen before also for the on tour we are talking about maybe a 5 dvd and Blu-Ray experiance. Talking about Blu-ray, they will also be putting the aloha and 68 comeback on Blu-ray and that will be the beggining of Elvis on blu-ray nest to Viva Las vegas and Jailhouse Rock which I have on Blu-ray and is simply Fantastic....I can't wait for that. We will just have to sit back and wait.
ext_mnx wrote on January 24, 2008
Steve and king I do not know “I am an expert” who I know that I am all the right and to work because wagner-beaulieu is not going to pay to you for “the favor to her " and if you love so much the lady botox to marry with her! Anyway I never met Mr. Elvis Presley while he was alive but I know him better than you and to work sluggishs like guralnik that with nice, beautiful words made more poison than albert goldman and with such security that seems to be the new andreas van kuij. And to work and drink elvis by beaulieus. the news for 2008: to know fans that hates and envies to elvis presley that for them Elvis Presley always was the bad and my news for my 2008, "Elvis on tour", The definitive collection. And if you love so much the lady botox to marry with her and read the site that finish with hilton and begin with perez, a site with 367 messages for each theme about them and that said all the true about the awful beaulieus women because Elvis never loved botox:) bye, take care I love you And Viva Elvis Presley!
King Of Music wrote on January 26, 2008
I am sorry but ext mnx, you do not know anything about Elvis and you are far from an expert. An expert of what I do not know, maybe an expert of bad language, but Not an expert on Elvis....that's for sure.
ext_mnx wrote on January 28, 2008
And because you were late so much in answering me. You did not know not to do for wath to say. If so much you love the mrs. botox marry her and "maybe" she uses your surname. Also another news in 2008: if she does not use the surname presley he dies of famine and Elvis loved to study at university and guralnick put the surname of Jerry Schelling instead of Mr. Elvis Presley and what you say to me I deny it to you. Please start working idler. I am not rude only I say to you that true that you curse it and say it to you in your face. You are the crazy fanatic like peter guralnick. I have read all the books That I have. And show me idler that you have all te reason. Do not attack for attack. I am documented in all the books and this one in these disgusts of peter's books guralnick. You are so a specialist that to escape from the situation you use the attack. You that you know. Perhaps you are used of her and if you like so much marry com mrs. botox and marry her and that she uses your surname. Pair of idlers. You life is to attack without idea. To answer it is necessary to know and you do not know and I give you a few classes idler. You do not work illiterate.
ext_mnx wrote on January 28, 2008
And dear king of music: You declare (by written). This place publishes it. the society neither reads you, nor hears you and nor sees to you.