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Cover Art Elvis And Pat Boone: Rockin' Rivals

January 10, 2008 | Video

This is the cover art of the "Elvis And Pat Boone: Rockin' Rivals" DVD which is due for release April 3, 2008.


An entertaining and insightful one-hour look at the friendly rivalry between Mr. Blue Suede Shoes and Mr. White Buck Shoes, who dominated the pop charts in the 1950s. As Pat himself puts it, "I was the salt and he was the pepper." Included are rare film, TV, and newsreel clips plus revealing interviews with such luminaries as Dick Clark, Tom Jones, Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, Phyllis McGuire, Bill Medley, Arlene Dahl, Joe Esposito, Shirley Jones, and the legends themselves: Elvis and Pat Boone.

Narek wrote on January 12, 2008
I don't think Boone is a rival to Elvis.
kelvin m wilson wrote on January 12, 2008
Armenian, back in the fifties Pat Boone was in fact the biggest 'rival' to Elvis. Having said that their rivalry was press led, Elvis always said there was room for everyone. Elvis of course had first refusal on Dont Forbid Me and passed on it. Pat later had a big hit with it. There was a great album called Pat Boone Sings Guess Who with Pat in Gold lame suit on the cover. Its worth a listen if only to see how other singers 'try' to sing Elvis' songs. If you can find a copy that is.
JimmyCool wrote on January 13, 2008
Pat Boone a rival? Quoting "What's She Realy Like" lyrics: Ha-ha-ha, don't make me laugh...
FLASHBOY wrote on January 13, 2008
I really don't like it when he said I was the salt and he was the pepper ...what the hell! Pat Boone was not a rival to Elvis not at all not a bit! Now i would have understand if the Beatles have said that cause They were the only group to come close to Presley. That's all
samcra wrote on January 13, 2008
I was a teen in the fifties, and take my word for it, Pat Boone was NEVER a rival to Elvis!! Pat was more a pop singer. He couldn't sing rhythm & blues or rock & roll. He for a while appealed to mostly white people who were not ready for the black sound... that didn't last long. It was down right embarassing hearing Pat Boone trying to sing "Tutti Frutti"........Tootay Frootay.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on January 17, 2008
They were rivals because thats the way the media wanted, Elvis was taboo, and when someone is told it is taboo the more they wanted. Pat was a rock and Roll perry como