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The Rockin' Days

January 03, 2008 | Music
Due for release or just released on the new label "Hard Luck Entertainment" is the original vinyl release "The Rockin' Days" (HLR001). This CD, limited to 500 copies, comes with a four pages booklet the original track listing and as a bonus out-takes of "Rip it Up" and "Jailhouse Rock".
marco31768 wrote on January 03, 2008
I remember an old LP with the same cover released in the 70's...
Shakingruud wrote on January 03, 2008
This was the first Lp i ever bought in the early 1970s. This has a fantastic rockin´ tracklist. For sentimental reasons i´m gonna buy this CD!
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on January 03, 2008
This part of the Good stuff RCA failed to make money on in the early to mid 70's at that point elvis RCA catalog was really falling off and something new was needed, and this was a part of it.
Shakingruud wrote on January 04, 2008
AAAH, too bad it has been cancelled!!