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New Larry Geller Book Ready

January 05, 2008 | Book
Larry Geller confirmed that his latest book, "Leaves of Elvis’ Garden", is now ready and will be presented this week. The content is based upon the many conversations - often spiritual - he had with Elvis. According to Larry, this is THE book Elvis wanted him to write.
Mofoca22 wrote on January 06, 2008
jeesh another one didnt he tell everything in the book if i can dream?
Juliepresleyfan wrote on January 06, 2008
i got the pre publication edition signed from larrys website and i can honestly say that it is a honest and beautifull book, which has new things in , and is worth being on any elvis fans bookshelf and indeed should be treasured by all fans young and old, written by a beloved friend of elvis presley . its one of the greats in my eyes
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 06, 2008
Which Planet can you order this from? "This is THE book Elvis wanted him to write". Do me a favour! This is THE post Elvis asked me to post.
Jerome wrote on January 06, 2008
This is the book Larry wanted me to buy, he visited me in my dream last night..
Viva wrote on January 06, 2008
..."this is THE book Elvis wanted him to write". This is exactly what he said about the last one. Ol' Larry is far too much of a fruit cake for me to take anything he says seriously. He only tells people what they want to hear, regardless of how truthful it is. Beautiful piccie of Elvis on the cover though, I do like that alot. Unfortunately if it contains Larry's versions of conversations then the press will have a field day making Elvis out to be a complete nutter. If I hear the starting and stopping the rain or the seeing people appear in the clouds stories one more time I'll scream.
Jerome wrote on January 06, 2008
Like Elvis always used to say: "All kidding a side.." Books like this can be very interesting. I'd sure like to know more about Elvis his spiritual side, releases like 'The Gospel side of elvis' could not give it. One of Elvis' favourite books 'Leaves of Morya's Garden' have now been altered into his leave legacy of saying and talkings. I'd sure hope Geller speaks the God's Truth and this book contains nothing but honest and truthful anecdotes or else such mystic releases can be very doubtful and won't have an end..
Juliepresleyfan wrote on January 07, 2008
its a shame you all feel like that about larry, ive had emails from him and i feel he is a genuine person, i guess its the fact he is very spiritual that people are sometimes wary of, you cant change some peoples fears, but i believe he is a really nice genuinely friendly person, but thats just me, and quite a few others ofcourse, elvis must of felt he was ok or he would not have had him around maybe, i brought his book from his new website , the prepublication edition signed too, and its a fantastic book in my oppinion, so come on guys give him a break and leave him alone,
Getlow wrote on January 07, 2008
There is no question that Larry is wierd, but Elvis enjoyed many 'conversations' with him. Of that I have no doubt. If I Can Dream was actually ok and had some funny moments such as E parting the clouds in the sky with his hands (or so he believed) One thing for sure though it's not going to be the book that "Elvis wanted to write"
Rob Wanders wrote on January 07, 2008
Don't know if I'm going to buy this one. Though I like Larry a lot. At least someone with brains around Elvis (not the only one by the way, but one of the few). I like the title also because I really have leaves from Elvis' garden (I'm probably not the only one)
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 07, 2008
Rob, I don't have leaves from his garden but I have some horse poop from behind one of the stables at Graceland. I think I got it from Larry Geller who told me it was the poop Elvis told his horse to excrete. Don't be taken in, folks. This guy has stories for every occasion - just like Lamarr and so many others in the 'inner circle' do. They tell us what they think we wanna hear. Don't be taken in by them. So Elvis saw Joseph Stalin in the clouds. That's nothing, I'm looking out the window right now and can clearly see Bruce Forsyth. Mind you, that's because he lives next door to me and is mowing his lawn.
Viva wrote on January 07, 2008
Of course the biggest mystery about this item, and one which will keep me forever on a spiritual search for truth in our modern and materialistic, shallow world is this: Does Harvey Alexander really live next door to Bruce Forsyth?
Steve V wrote on January 07, 2008
It may be time to leave this site when guys have leaves from his garden in their collection. And they wonder why Elvis isnt treated with the same respect as other artists. Anyway, if you have his first book , the softcover 'his spiritual journey', than you've read all you need to know. The stories dont change. He even used this photo before. It's from the time he was filming Paradise in Hawaii in '65 and he met with Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits. Yes, Im sure that meeting will be explained agin in this new book. Nothing new at all.
Rob Wanders wrote on January 08, 2008
Steve, take the having leaves from elvis' garden-thing not so serious. you walk in his garden, you take 25 pictures and you take some leaves from the ground; like my sister once took some grass from Wembley-stadion when she was there somewhere in the 70's for a football(soccer)-game. It's fun, nothing more, nothing less. I don't want to have the blame of you leaving this site...
Jerome wrote on January 08, 2008
the title is taken from 'Leaves of Morya's Garden' a spritiual book of H Roerich- which happened to have been one of Elvis and Larry's favourite.. (just for your interest)
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 08, 2008
Always about the man not about the artist,and steve we all know Elvis will never get the credit he deserves for his musical talent,sure he is talked about and he sells great,but the respect is not like it should be,its gotten better,but when you have so many fans ready to lay down there money for such things as this what else do you expectand my feelings on larry have not a thing to do with anything about religion,but i have seen enough preachers on tv(you know the kind) to know when i think someone is either not all there or full of it!
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 08, 2008
Yes, Bruce Forsyth really is my next door neighbour. Bruce Willis told me to tell you that after he got some leaves from Elvis' garden off Russ Abbott. Sorry to be such a name-dropper, it's just the circles I move in. Do you think Larry Geller would know the difference between alternate takes of 'Heartbreak Hotel'? Nah, me neither. Just a thought.
Elvisnites wrote on January 08, 2008
Larry can't even get his story straight about the book Elvis was reading when he died. I don't take any of these books seriously. They tell you what they think you want to hear. No thanks.
Steve V wrote on January 08, 2008
Correct Mature- this book together with the various tin cans, Valentines candy, unrelentless repackages of the same songs, hot chocolate, coffee, candles, and on & on - how will Elvis ever get the respect he derserves. Me thinks never as log as his fans buy this crap. And nothing personal Rob Wanders. Even the female stars I admire the most, I dont think Id want leaves from their garden. Maybe other things though!
theoldscudder wrote on January 09, 2008
Guess, Larry needs the buck to give him some comfort in his old age. I knew a girl that met the King & got his autograph when he was in the Army. Maybe I will write a book about that. I guess there are enough suckers in the Elvis world that it will sell & I can pay off a couple of credit cards. Hum a sequal is in the works even as I write this.
Sonyasny wrote on January 19, 2008
Hi I know that Larry has desperately wanted to write the story he and Elvis talked about during the last parts of Elvis' life. Elvis was too humble int hat he never thought he could get all the words down so it would be something others wanted to read, and I think it was one of the reasons he didn't write too many of his own songs. Still he was great at tweaking words in ones he wanted to record and also producing the entire album most times. His poetry is also marvelous so perhaps the real loss is that Elvis didn't Keep a diary... Lesson learned: if you want to be remembered accurately for what you think- keep your own memoirs! I think the next best thing is this book by Larry, as well as the book 'Elvis, We Remember" by Wanda June Hill. Both are excellent and both authors have no axe to grind, just a love of Elvis, and a desire for the truth to be known. Sonya