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Dr Nick Book Update

January 02, 2008 | Book
Elvis Unlimited spoke with "Dr." Nick who informed them that his book would be out in 4 to 5 months depending on the publisher and choice of author. He said it will be followed by a movie, not exactly based on the book but more so on the Elvis Conspiracy.
Source:Elvis Unlimited
Mofoca22 wrote on January 03, 2008
booo hooo! that guy should be the one 6 foot under not elvis freaken drug pusher/ elvis murderer number 2.
tracytcb wrote on January 03, 2008
Is this the release date for the UK? I thought it was already out in the US as he was in Memphis signing copies of it in August. Needless to say I gave him a wide burth, but it was difficult since he was in a souvenir store right next to Graceland! I find it disgusting that a doctor is allowed to make money out of a former patient - one who was addicted to the drugs HE prescribed! I would urge people NOT to buy this book! Another vulture on the Elvsis money-making bandwagon!
Martin DJ wrote on January 03, 2008
So Dr. Nick will have a book out in 4 to 5 months, but he's still looking for someone to write it for him. Any volunteers?
Jerome wrote on January 03, 2008
I read somewhere Dr. Nick is going to play Elvis in this movie..
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 03, 2008
We all know Elvis had problems,but i never understood why this guy is given a free pass by many,when your a doctor and you give pills away like there candy its your fault,and if you have a patient buying you stuff to get the pills you should not give in to greed,and on top of that as a doctor woulsnt you be wonrdering about that person and there mental state,having a quack as my family doctor this annoys me maybe more than the average person,but doctors who act this way should be in jail in my oppion,sad thing is docotors to this day seem more than happy to push drugs for everything,anyone who buys this book is helping support a (fill in the blank) and if you need to know details from this man, maybe your hobby has gotten out of controll, this guy makes me sick!
Devon wrote on January 06, 2008
Ya he needs to have a book deal like i need two heads, you ask me the wrong person died on 8-16-77!!!!!!!