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Cover Art Wees Niet Wreed

January 01, 2008 | Book
This s the cover art of the upcoming Dutch poetry book "Wees Niet Wreed" (Don't Be Cruel) on Elvis which will be released at the Dutch poetry "Weerwoord" festival January 28, 2008. For this book eighty (famous) writers have made poets about Elvis Presley. The book is compiled by two acknowledged Dutch writers; John Schoorl and Kees 't Hart.

Peter @ ElvisMatters wrote on January 01, 2008
With all due respect, but this has to be the ugliest book cover ever made...
ElvisDayByDay wrote on January 01, 2008
Don't be cruel Peter :-)
Lex wrote on January 01, 2008
A book with this content doesn't deserve a better cover. Totally not Elvis related, just making money on his name.
Elvisnites wrote on January 01, 2008
Fantasy writing, fantasy cover. Good match.
Jerome wrote on January 01, 2008
why is that mouse swimming in that disc of tomato soup?