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Hot Shots And Cool Clips - Volume 4

December 25, 2007 | Video

JAT Publishing celebrates it's 20th anniversary with volume four in their "Hot Shots And Cool Clips" series. This volume, due for release late spring 2008, should feature over 50 minutes of unreleased footage from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. More productions will be coming on this 20th Anniversary year long celebration of JAT publishing.

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Steve V wrote on December 26, 2007
I suppose JAT has uncovered some 'brand new' footage that could not have possibly made their first 3 DVDs!
Lex wrote on December 26, 2007
Some fool will buy it. If that one throws it on a binaries group, I might check it out. Don't spend my money on his discs anymore... I'm ripped off enough :-).
Harvey Alexander wrote on December 28, 2007
Good ole JAT - 20 years of shoddy products and ripping off the fans. Awesome!
elvis_aotc wrote on December 30, 2007
I've got volume 1 and stoped there. There are loads (hours and hours) of material in the vaults of MGM of the documentary 'That's The Way It Is' and 'On Tour' with supurb sound and picture quality. On YouTube you can find some intesting stuff when searching on 'Elvis on tour' that is not in the film. There should be a kind of 'Lord of the Rings' several disc edition of that stuff. Put every show and rehearsal there is on it. This is the ultimate thing that I am waiting for, but MGM, BMG/ Sony and Graceland estate do not wait to long for this. This is what's all about. The KING in concert in supurb sound and picture.
Tony D. wrote on January 04, 2008
Joe Tunzi doesn't have the rights to release anything on Elvis with the original sound. Therefore, we may get to see some footage of Elvis' aeroplane or film of "Colonel" Parker!!