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Cliff Richard: I Wanted To Be Elvis

December 21, 2007 | People
For almost six decades, Sir Cliff Richard has paid tribute to the influence American Rock 'n' Roll superstar Elvis Presley had on his music. Now, he reveals just how deep that influence runs. In a new TV interview, Richard opens up about Elvis, and admits that he would love to be the King himself.

"I didn't just want to be like Elvis I wanted to be him", the Daily Express quoted him, as saying in the forthcoming BBC4 programme Pop Britannia. The 67-year old also admits that he would have liked nothing more than to have woken up one day and to realise that he had become Elvis.

"I'd liked to have woken up and found that really he was me. Thats the kind of fervour I felt about the power of his music", he said.
Kenneth wrote on December 22, 2007
A nice honest comment from sir cliff and that's the way 90% of the artists from that era feel too. i hear them on siruis radio all the time.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on December 23, 2007
Yes this is nothing new, you only have to look at any old programme's like "Oh Boy" and see him on that, but Elvis he would never have been. People like the late great Billy Fury were closer, and Billy actually met Elvis when Elvis was filming Girls Girls Girls.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on December 23, 2007
so did a lot of other people, but nobody wants to be dead, at 42
Kenneth wrote on December 24, 2007
JUMPIN, i usually agree with you but when someone is suffering from true depression they want to be dead at the age that they are at then, i know because i worked with these type of people for 40 yrs. ELVIS was one of those in his final yrs. 42 just happened to be his time. there are all kinds of rock stars and sports stars who should have been dead decades ago but it's just not their time. this is my opinion based on my job experience.
theking1935 wrote on January 09, 2008
i like cliff ............