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Elvis My Best Man Due 2008

December 12, 2007 | Book
George Klein's detailed account of his long friendship with Elvis will is due for release in the summer as Elvis: My Best Man.

George Klein, 72, says he waited so long to enter the Elvis literary fray because of the glut of Elvis books, including tell-all books by former Memphis Mafia members. "There are so many books. I kept holding off and holding off. I decided that at my age, I had better go ahead. If I'm going to do it I'd better do it now."

For his "Best Man" book, Klein says he talked to golfer John Daly, who set him up with his literary agent. He then used the same ghost writer, Chuck Crisafulli, who wrote Schilling's book, "Me And a Guy Named Elvis: My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley."

After the books that told the story of Elvis' drug use and marriage troubles, Klein says he wanted to distance himself. "I wanted the air to sort of clear. I'm not going to say anything negative about Elvis."
Source:Commercial Appeal
Ruthie wrote on December 12, 2007
At last something to look forward to! I am well aware the book probably won't sell as well as he hopes because "he's not going to say anything negative about Elvis". What a refreshing course of action - even if won't be a big money maker for him. We all can recite backwards every disgusting thing Elvis ever did & it's not likely to stop any time soon but, once in a while, it's nice for Elvis fans to read something honest with interesting stories and twists of humor. With the world in such a horrid state, thanks to Klein, Schilling & Masecho for some positive material.
Elvisnites wrote on December 13, 2007
Ditto Ruthie. I love reading funny, fun loving stories about Elvis. I'm not sticking my head in the sand, but enough already.
Steve V wrote on December 13, 2007
I dont like tell-all gossipy book, nor do I like white wash books. How about a book that just tells the honest simple truth about Elvis once and for all. Ive seen George at several conventions. He is very reluctant to talk about many things, good or bad. Cant see where this would be that book.
theoldscudder wrote on December 17, 2007
Hey Ruthie go stick your head back in the sand. Your happy it will say only nice things about Elvis. Hah.How about a book that tells the real story. The good with the bad. Or was the man a saint unlike most of the human race.Is Ruthie or is your real name or is it Polyanna,?. If this is something you are looking foward in your life, err somethings missing. Lol, Davie
Tony D. wrote on December 20, 2007
Hopefully, George will have some unseen, personal pictures of Elvis in the book. Although my book shelves are bulging under the weight of all the books written by everybody from Elvis' toilet cleaner, to the horse who appeared in "Falming star", I will buy this one.