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Greatest Hits Volume 2

By ElvisNews.com / Kees, December 06, 2007 | Music

Released on the Jack Daniels label is this release with the very original title “Greatest Hits”.


This out-take and live performances compilation continues a series started by RCA in 1981. The design is in line with the original design of volume 1. The two pages booklet does not contain any liner notes, fortunately the back cover contains a track listing with the out-take info or date and place of the live performance.


The original series never saw a follow up to the first release, now the bootleggers stepped in, just as they did on the “Rare Elvis” and "Legendary Performances” series. I must say the producers from the new Jack Daniel label did a pretty good job. They created a nice overview of Elvis’ seventies material with several undubbed versions, rehearsals and live performances from the years 1970 – 1977. Besides a few rockers like “That’s All Right”, “Patch It Up” and “Suspicious Minds” most songs on this compilation are songs with a tear, the kind of song Elvis could perform like only a few others. The undubbed versions of songs like “My Boy” and “Make The World Go Away” really bring out Elvis’ voice without to much distraction of the additional instruments. The live versions really show the showman at work wit powerful performances of the well known showstoppers. Highlights are “It’s Midnight” a new song while performed September 2, 1974 and “Hurt” also new when performed March 17, 1976, so they get serious treatments. Other favourites that come by are “For The Good Times”, “I Just Can’t Help Believin’ (July 1970) and “I’m Leavin’”. Rehearsals like “Patch It Up” and “Down In The Alley” show Elvis at ease with his band.


I would not call it a “Greatest Hits” collection since not all songs were hits, but “Greatest Performances”. This CD is probably a rip-off release following in the footsteps of the producers from the Wolf Call and Shake Record labels releasing material from existing BMG and imoprt labels. But since it is a damn fine selection of songs it will get several spins before it finds a place in the CD cabinet.

Track listing

1- My Boy 3:02 (undubbed master) 2- When I'm Over You 3:31 (unedited undubbed master) 3- Steamroller Blues 3:01 (Memphis, TN March 16, 1974 AS) 4- It's Midnight 3:13 (Las Vegas, NV September 2, 1974 CS) 5- You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 2:05 ( Macon, GA April 24, 1975) 6- For The Good Times 3:03 (Richmond, VA April 10, 1972) 7- I Just Can't Help Believin' 4:56 (rehearsal, July 24, 1970) 8- Little Sister 1:55 (Alexandria, LA March 30, 1977) 9- America The Beautiful 2:12 (Charlotte, NC March 20, 1976) 10- Make The World Go Away 3:36 (undubbed) 11- Patch It Up 3:33 (rehearsal, August 10, 1970) 12- Hurt 2:09 (Johnson City, TN March 17, 1976) 13- Down In The Alley 2:08 (rehearsal, August 16, 1974) 14- And I Love You So 2:25 (West Palm Beach, FL February 13, 1977) 15- Just Pretend 3:38 (rehearsal , July 24, 1970) 16- It's Now Or Never 2:16 (rehearsal, July 29, 1970) 17- Never Been To Spain 3:25 (Richmond, VA April 10, 1972) 18- Loving Arms 2:52 (undubbed master) 19- Suspicious Minds 5:15 (rehearsal, July 24, 1970) 20- Return To Sender 1:56 (Hampton Roads, VA August 1, 1976 AS) 21- That's All Right 1:48 (Memphis, TN July 5, 1976) 22- I'm Leavin' 3:15 (Boston, MA November 10, 1971) 23- Polk Salad Annie 4:30 (Las Vegas, NV February 1970) 24- Love Letters 2:34 (San Francisco, CA November 28, 1976) 25- Unchained Melody 2:25 (Montgomery, AL February 16, 1977)

Ciscoking wrote on December 07, 2007
Good compilation. That`s it.
Greg Nolan wrote on December 13, 2007
Yeah, but isn't it available elsewhere? It calls to mind those "Tiger Man" re-hashes, as well as the later "Wolf Call" versions of the "Legendary Performer" series...!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 07, 2008
True but you have to add the Legendary Performer cd's from Madison,i dont see how anyone could be accused of hi-jacking a series when it wasnt theres to begin with,i Love most of Madison's releases and there 1 of about 3 Great import labels but i did not care for there attempt at the legendary performer series!