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Elvis On eBay (For Charity)

December 08, 2007 | Other
Elvis Presley's black makeup case is up for auction on eBay. From the description: Elvis owned hundreds of pieces of clothing, jewelry, and dozens of guns and cars. But Elvis owned only two cases in his lifetime. The one he carried that last two years of his life is secured in the Graceland archive. This one was never out of his reach for nearly eleven years and is the one you see in many of the behind the scenes photographs of Elvis on the road.
As Esposito says, "If this makeup case could talk, the stories would be unbelievable. Thank goodness it can’t!" The current bid stands at US $15,100.00, the reserve has not yet been met.

Also on eBay is Elvis Presley's personal bath robe. Apparently Elvis' aunt, Delta Biggs, gave the robe after they lost Elvis in 1977 to Elvis' former secretary Pam Parker one day during lunch at Graceland. The buy now price is US $350,000.00.

Finally, Saturday is E-Day on eBay. A few months ago, if you couldn't come up with the $50,000+ to buy one of the limited edition Harley-Davidsons specially tricked out to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, here's your last chance. Bruce Rossmeyer is CEO of 13 Harley dealerships, including Graceland Harley-Davidson and the world's largest H-D dealership in Daytona, Florida. Earlier this summer, he commissioned 30 FLH model Harleys with custom paintjobs and other features designed to re-create as closely as possible the 1957 FLH Harley once owned by the King of Rock-and-Roll. Each bike was specially numbered, and 1-29 have already been sold.

The final motorcyle, number 30 in the series, will be auctioned on eBay on December 8th. The closing date of the auction will be January 8th -- Elvis' birthday. Proceeds will benefit Presley Place, which offers transitional housing for homeless families in Memphis. One the auctions gets under way, you can track it on eBay by searching for "Elvis motorcycle."