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The OEPFC Magazine December 2007 - January 2008

November 25, 2007 | Other
The Christmas edition of the fan club magazine from the Official UK fan club was filled by its members again. The magazine does not contain news but that leaves more space for articles and reviews on: movie trivia, the 30th anniversary - UK style, Elvis - Destination Vegas (have not read a positive review yet), Memphis 2007 and a series of others. This magazine also show Elvis can still bring people together, proposing to your loved one in Graceland.

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fordy wrote on November 25, 2007
A whole lotta nothing, telling us nothing we don't know already, and telling us things we don't really need to know....all printed on poor quality paper!
The Memphis Flash wrote on November 26, 2007
I feel the comments that have been made here and on other occasion about the fan club and the magazine are very unfare. I have been a member of the OEPFC for over twenty years now and have seen a few changes here and there, but I love this little magazine that is produced. Like with the Elvis Monthly most of the contents are written and supplied by the fans, so what you are reading is from the fans view point and as it comes out bi-monthly a lot of people may have already heard of what is going on, but saying that there is a lot of info that I myself do not pick up on until reading it in this magazine. So taking a general pop at the Fan club and it's magazine is most unfare and to be honest if you felt like contributing then take pen to paper and write an article of your own. Too many people find it easier to take a pop at Elvis, the fan club and it's magazine and too few take the time to say well done and on this occasion I am tired of hearing how bad the club magazine is as I am a member of that club and support it fully.
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 26, 2007
Hey Flash, your comment "Like with the Elvis Monthly most of the contents are written and supplied by the fans, so what you are reading is from the fans view point" isn't very encouraging. Bearing in mind how bad 'Elvis Monthly' became in it's later years (from the early '80s on) just goes to show what happens when you let the readership write the contents. Most of those readers are mad loons who I wouldn't even allow to look after my pet lobster, Percy. I thought the official OEPFC folded years ago. Wonder how many members they have?
emjel wrote on November 26, 2007
Quite interesting to note that a few months ago, they were singing the praises of instiagting and getting the latest box set of singles out, but with such poor sales, there appears to be no mention at all how the campaign has gone (or not gone). I was a member of the club from 68 up to late 90's, then let the membership expire because it was becoming a carbon copy of the monthly. Renewed a few years ago for 1 year, but by then, it had gone the way of the monthly. I am sorry to say that I do not want to keep reading about fans selections of their favourite Elvis compilation that they would like to see BMG release. I'm not knocking their enthusiasm, but I am not prepared to pay money to read this, and also have the same travel bureau stuff and catalogue pages month after month. Yes I too wonder what the membership numbers are now. Perhaps someone knows.
John4126 wrote on November 26, 2007
OEPFC still going? I thought it had folded years ago. Still packed with products 10% more expensive than any other outlet no doubt. And then there's the postage.....
panda wrote on November 27, 2007
i have been a member of the club for over twenty years and although the paper quality is not great i believe this was to cut down on printing costs i amalso a member of essential elvis magazine and they have a great magazine with great quality paper i would like to know how many members both clubs have as far as i am concerend both clubs do a fantastic job at promoting elvis and that is all we elvis fans can expect
circleG wrote on November 27, 2007
I've been a member since 1987 and never really had a problem with it. i look at it to find about new releases and interviews but i suppose that was really until i discovered this great site. FTD's are actually the cheapest, £16.99 incl. p+p ! this months was a bit thin on decent articles i admit and i did flick through it quite quickly but its great for photos and such.
Steve V wrote on November 27, 2007
I used to be a member. Quit in the 80's. It hasnt been a quality publication for years. I only get The Man & His Music now. Its the best by far.
Brian Quinn wrote on November 27, 2007
For my money the best magazine by far is 'Essential Elvis'.
Tony D. wrote on November 27, 2007
"Elvis the man and his music" and the Official Fan Club magazine are aimed at different sorts of fans. The man and his music caters more for the discerning collector / serious / rational thinking fan. The Fan club mag is more for casual fans / those who don't own a computer /those who don't really care about alternate takes etc. "Essential Elvis" is enjoyed by those who maybe turned away from the fan club / those who enjoy reading interviews with every person who had a connection with Elvis. I find all three have something to offer. Along with all the branch newsletters, magazines, foreign publications and "Elvis now", "Elvis unlimited" etc, it IS hard and costly to be loyal to all.
fordy wrote on November 27, 2007
Tony, I think you have made a very valid point. If all these mags were exactly the same then there would be no variety, therefore there'd be no point producing more than one mag, and variety is the spice of life of course. it I just feel that overall the OEPFC could do a lot better. My comments are not to bring the fan club down but to point out to Todd that there is a big difference in quality in the current OEPFC mag that those supplied by other fan clubs. I purchase both 'Man and his music' and Essential Elvis which I feel leave the OEPFC mag standing, especially when it comes to rare photos in quality print, interesting rare articles, and value for money products> The OEPFC just doesn't provide this. Lets face it, if there was no date printed on the front of the lastest magazine I would have though it had been produced approx 20 years ago, especially when you compare it to some of the fantastic photos published in the last two editions of Essential Elvis for example. Maybe it's me and just a few others, but being an Elvis fan i want to hear stories of Elvis, not of fans experiences of being Elvis fans. CircleG, Have you tried purchasing your FTD's from Essential Elvis, they don't charge P+P, so you'll save about £3 on each cd. Man and his music are a few quid cheaper also. It's worth shopping around mate, the OEPFC are usually (not always) the dearest. occasionally, however OEPFC are usually the dearest.