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More Nixon Elvis Correspondence Released

November 29, 2007 | People
The National Archives today released 122,800 pages of mostly routine correspondence from the Nixon presidency, none of it apparently earth-shaking but some of it mildly interesting. One of the more extraordinary letters was from Nixon aide Egil Krough Jr., thanking a friend for helping secure a Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs badge for Elvis Presley following Presley's 1970 Oval Office meeting with the president. “We meet many fascinating creatures in this business," Krough wrote, "but I think that meeting between the president and Elvis Presley was one of the most interesting."

Elvis pledged his support to the president in the war on drugs, and had the president look in his desk for presents for his bodyguards… and their wifes… But Elvis was not the only celebrity to visit Nixon. .Frank Sinatra became a Nixon buddy, but early in Nixon’s presidency, his staff debated whether it was appropriate to have Sinatra sing at the White House. "I am sure that many of our friends in the entertainment field would think it wrong to have a former anti-Nixon person entertain at the White House," presidential aide Dwight Chapin wrote in a 1970 memo. But Sinatra did perform, and he was soon signing his hand-written notes to the president, "Affectionately, Francis," while Nixon, ever the stiff, signed a photo of the two, "Richard Nixon."
Pedro Nuno wrote on November 30, 2007
The Nixon/Elvis meeting was the only time that the American President was face to face with The King!...TCB
Steve V wrote on November 30, 2007
This is one the things that did Elvis's image no good with the younger generation rock fans in the 70's and made him appear to be the establishment. Not only was Nixon not liked by this generaion, any association with him made that person not liked. You had to be there & live the times to know what Im talking about. To make matters worse Elvis was zonked out of his mind when he asked Nixon for the narcotics badge. He also put down The Beatles which made him appear jealous of them. A very bad day in Elvis history.
Jerome wrote on November 30, 2007
don't know if he used any hypnosis but he got what he asked for, was there anyone besides Parker who could say no to him?..
Bill Rauhuff wrote on November 30, 2007
I agree it was not a great pr move on Elvis behalf. I realize he wanted the damn badge and that was his motive but Nixon was not liked by the younger generation and he should not have blasted the Beatles as I have read it hurt Ringo Starr. They idolized Elvis and there was no reason for it. I think the meeting done much more for Nixon than Elvis. I also remember it not being the event that it appeared to be. I mean it seems mentioned a lot more today than when it actually happened.
My boy, my boy wrote on November 30, 2007
I'm sure most of you have seen the movie (re-enactment) called "Elvis meets Nixon" a few years ago. It was not a piece of art but I think it was particularly accurate on certain aspects but it was made first and foremost for entertaining, which it was. This production was at least certainly better than the garbage Jonathan Myers's pathetic miniseries...
Pedro Nuno wrote on November 30, 2007
It's true that this story is bizarre. But for me the fact that remains is that Elvis was probably the only person in the world that could do something like this: Arrive in the White House gates, present him self and say he wanted to meet the President; be face to face with the President and give him a GUN, that he carried, and nobody even noticed it! This is something absolutely absurd only to think about! Now imagine someone doing it like Elvis has done!
Mofoca22 wrote on December 19, 2007
i dont know what makes people say nixin wasnt liked it was your generation who voted him in in the 1st place bcause he lowereed the voting age and promise dto get out of vietnam. you only say he wasnt liked now after the fact of what happened in 72 that lead to his resignation there for you cant say it was abad pr move in 1970 because it wasnt. as for what he said about the beatles they were doing lsd and stuff he had a right to say the things he did drugs were taking over the younger generation. and they still are
Steve V wrote on December 19, 2007
Mofoca - Elvis had no right to put anyone down for doing drugs, sorry. That was totally hypocrtical. And dont forget he did give LSD & pot a try, he just didnt like it. Drugs are drugs, whether they are illegal or pills prescribed by a doctor cause he couldnt say no to Elvis. You think a pill is any less narcotic than a street drug? I think you need to do research.