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Free Christmas Vinyl

November 30, 2007 | Music
Our friends from the Belgian ElvisMatters fan club give away a free vinyl replica single which was originally sent out to theatres fifty years ago. Only a handful of the original singles are known to have survived.

This single contains a 2.54 minute commercial for the Elvis Presley X-mas Party. An excerpt of the single, to give you an idea of the content:

"This Christmas, Elvis will probably be remembering the time when he turned the whole nation upside down with his kind of music. He’ll be thinking of the smiling, happy faces of the boys and girls as they listen to him sing their kind of songs. He’ll remember how it all started and how they cheered him to the top, and kept him there.

We don’t want to forget him. Here’s your chance to bring tribute to the boy who brought so much happiness. This will be the “Let’s Not Forget Elvis Christmas Party”. It’s just for you, out there in the audience. We’ll have prices and surprises plus your favorite disc jockey playing all the Presley Top Hits on the stage. They’ll be dancing in the aisles and there will be Elvis singaline and lookalike contests and a giant Elvis Presley Postcard. You don’t want to miss the gigantic “Let’s Not Forget Elvis Christmas Party” – watch for it!"

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