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Latest Ruling Over Dr.Nick's Collection

November 24, 2007 | Other
When you thought it was all over ... But the ongoing dispute over Dr. Nick’s collection of Elvis memorabilia continues. Although the Supreme Court upheld a ruling granting businessman Richard Long ownership of the disputed Dr Nick Collection, it seems that Defendants Robert Gallagher and Betty Franklin wanted an appeal. That was thrown out by a panel, so they are appealing their failed appeal.

Here is the story so far:

California businessman Richard Long is suing ex-Las Vegas lounge singer Bobby Freeman (real name Robert Gallagher) for $1.2 million dollars, which he invested into a remarkable collection of Elvis memorabilia known as Dr Nick's Memories of Elvis.

Apparently this huge collection fills three large trailers and includes Dr Nick’s medicine bag - complete with drugs prescribed for Elvis, a laryngeal scope, Elvis’ copy of Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, several guns, a 14k gold and diamond TCB, Dr Nick’s tour jacket and a Tissot watch inscribed with Elvis Presley.
Items from the collection have been displayed in New Mexico, Harrah’s in Laughlin Nevada, the Hollywood Casino in Tunica and the full collection was due to be displayed at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas, which has now been conveniently demolished. Freeman claims he has a 50% share in Dr. Nicks collection, but he has used the collection as collateral to raise several loans, along with other scams that mean he is being chased for several hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even the FBI are watching him. His latest deal with California businessman Long, for $1.2 million included the money to buy Dr. Nick out, but Long says he was duped and Dr Nick, is denying all knowledge of Freeman’s financial shenanigans.

The collection now sits in an aircraft hangar in Nevada, but it looks as though Mr Long will be packing it back into the trailers and taking it home by convoy and Gallagher and Franklin need to get back to their day jobs.
Source:Elvis UK On-line
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on November 24, 2007
EPE should partner with Doctor Nick and make and sell the Doctor's Medicine Bag and Rx Blanks. after all it is becomming a circus and we should have all the animals and their bags of tricks hawked at Graceland. Colonel Parker would get 50% into his estate as a techinical advisor.